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Here is the thread on the situation...

Automotive Internet Sales Reviews Jim Ziegler's Concerns About & Brian Pasch's Response...

The subject of has been getting pretty heated lately. It has achieved over 6,000 views on the local blogs like:

Brian Pasch, CEO of has come out and said that Jim Ziegler is wrong and he thinks that is NOT doing anything wrong. As a matter of fact, Brian has created a blog post

That basically says that Jim has it all wrong...

I shot this video to explain why I support Jim Ziegler's point of view on the situation.

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  • I just spoke at the Detroit Auto Dealers Association and this & Car Gurus conversation was a HUGE topic and I have to tell you that DEALERS are VERY UPSET!

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  • The automotive community is like the marathon runners we come together in times of need....


    IT APPEARS THAT in a message on their website to dealers, that is taking down the practice of emailing your customers. At Least, temporarily. Somebody please email me verification that it is over. They are saying it is discontinued BUT indicate it will resurface with "Volunteer Dealers" if I am hearing it correctly. Here is the message from Linda Bartman, the woman who evidently thought of all of this. They are claiming their test was a huge success. Please everyone investigate and get back with me and I'll pull down the videos if they have indeed backed off. 

  • Wow! Just Wow! What a racket they've got there.

    Imagine how much the value of that company would drop if all dealers stopped submitting their inventory feeds to all of the parasites?

    Is Autotrader sending inventory feeds out I wonder?

  • Email I received...   I'm surprised no one mentions how the lead sellers actually work...none of them can be profitable unless a lead is sold over and over and over and over and over and over
    All of the cars listed on did not come from dealers enrolling in listing sites all share the car data and then pay each other
    For example:
    Dealer signs with Cars.comDealer pays a fee, downloads dealer's inventory daily and other auto sites forward dealer's inventory to Detroit Trading
    Detroit Trading forwards dealer's inventory to hundreds of third party lead generators and forwards non dealer inventory to
    Customer goes to and selects dealer's specific inventory unit...lead sent to dealer but no incremental earnings by then sends customer listing of other cars that received from Detroit Trading...each car clicked earns $6-$12

    You could get a daily feed of a million VINs for the Ziegler website if you wanted...just go to:

  • The worst thing that can happen now is to become complacent and allow this to die down and the villains will win and continue to abuse dealers. We must educate everyone in the industry and urge them to take demonstrable action Now. Just yesterday and last night I heard from 15 more dealer principals who just heard aboutthis yesterday for the first time. A lot of dealers and GMs at the dealer and GM level must be educated about this threat from procedures sending their paid advertising leads to other dealers after the fact.

  • Here is the response from our rep: "More often than not, the first couple suggestions come from that same dealer’s inventory.  But other vehicle suggestions could be from the inventory of another dealer in the area, if the make and model are the same and the price and mileage are close. While this is the issue that some people are objecting to, it’s important to remember that other vehicles from that dealer’s inventory are also being suggested as alternative options to other consumers that have submitted leads to competing dealers.  The idea of the program is to increase engagement levels for everyone.


    Initial results have been good in that it’s elevated the visibility of dealer’s inventory through increased page views, leads and contacts.  And the biggest beneficiary of those increases has been the initial dealership, which gets the largest share of the increased engagement.


    Here’s the blogpost from our CMO, Linda Bartman on DealerAdVantage:"

    He included the link to an Executive's blog on the issue, and I already made my comment and did what I could.  My corporate office is aware of the problem, and I was the first of all the Lithia stores to test the system.  The blog post above also suggests that will send a total of 3 follow up emails....2, 5, and 8 days after the lead is generated....and no one I spoke to seemed to care about the fact that they are suggesting other competitive dealerships...

    Like I said, I did my part....DID YOU?  LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG (link) ABOVE!!


    Andy Fedo

    Director of Internet Sales, Lithia Nissan Hyundai of Fresno

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