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My 15 years of Automotive Internet Sales experience as well as being a charter member of the Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals (AAISP), as well as being a Speaker of numerous Digital Dealer Conventions gives me full credibility for this statement. Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle plan is BETTER than the Digital Dealer Convention. It is not event close...

I think at one time Digital Dealer was relevant, just as MySpace was relevant. But that time is over. The Automotive Internet Sales, Business Development, Digital marketing... "Digital Dealer" will be better served at the Internet Battle Plan.

*** I want to make this crystal clear. I am NOT a partner of Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plan. I do NOT make ANY money from Internet Battle Plan. I don't even get paid to speak at the Internet Battle Plan. I have been asked by numerous Dealer Principals and GMs about my thoughts of sending their employees, managers and sales consultants to the Digital Dealer Conference. So I decided to shoot this quick video. I DO NOT think Digital Dealer has any relevance anymore. I think it was relevant back in the day but Dealers need to evolve and find education and information that is relevant today. The quality of the Speakers and the instructional design is superior at the Internet Battle Plan. PERIOD

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Automotive Internet Sales Coordinator / BDC Rep

 / Appointment Setter PAY PLAN!

*** This is a SALES POSITION!!! NOT Customer Service!!


  • “Road to the Appointment” process… (Outbound / inbound phone call process)
  • How Qualify a prospect
  • Identify a prospect’s wants, wishes, needs and expectations!
  • They will have 25-35 (Minimum) word tracks in their arsenal… “Objections & Rebuttals as well as “What Ifs…”
  • A complete time management and organization strategy
  • A complete FORECASTING strategy… “3 Minute Book”.
  • They will NEED to have a thorough understanding of 3rd party providers, information sites like:
    • They need to have THOROUGH knowledge of their products… they do not NEED to memorize everything, but they need to know where to access the information.
    • Knowledge of the dealership’s website(s)
    • EXTREME KNOWLEDGE of the Dealership’s CRM… this is one of the MOST important aspects to their job!!




Simple J

$400 week salary X 4 weeks = $1,600 per month

What do I STILL need to earn in commissions to meet my $3,000 GOAL?

$1,400…  The questions is HOW am I going to earn it???

Before you can really answer this… you need to know what your commission plan is…???

$1 for an appointment

$15 for an appointment that shows

$25 for a sold appointment

For a TOTAL possible commission earnings of $41…

100 – 50 – 25

$100 - $750 - $625 = $1,475

$1,475 + $1,600 = $3,075…


100 appointments = $3,000  per month


100 / 4 weeks = 25 appointments per week…

/ 5 working days = 5 appointments per day…

They NEED to make or take 120 calls per day…

Why…? B/C you will ONLY connect with about 11-14% on the phones.

So, 120 calls per day will result in 11-14% connections which = 4-6 appointments per day (5).

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What are you doing January 16 and 17?

I’ll be speaking at Internet Battle Plan XII at the Crown Plaza in Atlanta and I hope to see you there.

Jim Ziegler, President and CEO of Ziegler SuperSystems, has put together the highly successful Internet Battle Plan to help you increase profits and market share. This conference will give you in depth knowledge about exactly how to give your internet sales a turbo-charged increase the day you return to the dealership. In addition to my presentation, on Video Search Engine Optimization, you’ll also hear from industry experts like Cory Mosley, Paul Potratz and more.

Because you are receiving this email from me you are entitled to a very special pricing offer. Call Jim Ziegler now directly at (770)921-4440 to confirm your reservation. To learn more about the event, click here

I hope to see you in Atlanta, but if you can’t make it, you can still get in touch with me. If you’d like to discuss your dealership’s Internet or Business Development strategy more in depth, let’s set up a time to meet. E-mail Crystal at

See you in Atlanta,

Sean V. Bradley

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Unfortunately, credit issues are playing a bigger role than ever in the Automotive Industry. I have seen countless Internet leads labeled as "Lost" due to credit issues. The reality is that most consumers have credit issues in today's market. Let's face one has perfect credit any more. In the dealership, this should be a window of opportunity. The F&I department needs to have a strategy in place to help the customers and, in the end, help the dealership. What do you think would draw more present and future business, turning away every prospect who is struggling with credit issues, or taking the time to help them set a financial plan in place to buy the best vehicle for them? If we start helping our customers to find a financial plan for themselves, they will come back. They will spread the word. I'm not saying to put your neck on the line for every prospect. If someone just turned 18, has no job, and has no credit or co-signer...I wouldn't touch that deal either. That is a bad risk. If someone walks in who has steady income but damaged credit, there is probably a way to work them into a vehicle. Be their solution. They already know before they make a call or set foot on your lot that their credit is damaged. They probably aren't expecting anything. You have the chance to make the ultimate impression on them for your dealership if you find a way, even if that means a plan for the next few months...they will return.


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I highly recommend that if you are able to make it to New Jersey that you make it to the Internet Battle Plan. This one is going to be AMAZING!!

I just concluded the Internet Sales 20 Group in Chicago and I had the honor of having JD Rucker and Paul Sansone Jr. As Speakers for my event and WOW!! They killed it! Everyone LOVED their presentations!! 

And Cory Mosley is one of the best trainers in the industry PERIOD. He is an amazing speaker, you will get so much from going to see him speak.

Jim Ziegler's Battle Plan is filled with top subject matter experts. If Jim has them on the Roster... They are good. 

I had the pleasure of co-hosting the original two Dealer Battle Plans and they were phenomenal back then, I assure you they have evolved into an even more amazing and powerful educational platform. 

Jim knows how to pick venues... Revel is the Newest and BEST Hotel in Atlantic City. I am not just saying that. I live in New Jersey and I just bought a building in NJ. I am in AC from time to time. Karen and I have stayed at Revel numerous times and LOVED IT. You will too! 

So, have fun, learn and be inspired at the upcoming Internet Battle Plan! 

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