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We are #hiring at Lake Country Chevrolet Cadillac we are looking for EXPERIENCED Automotive Sales Professionals in the #Tulsa ,#BrokenArrow , #Muskogee #Oklahoma area… We are offering a SICK Pay Plan! If you are currently working at a dealership and you are not making the money that you want, need and deserve. CALL ME! 

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Ken Pollock Auto Group was tired of traditional and digital means to recruit. They NEEDED Good people and FAST, so they had Dealer Synergy create a TV commercial to use broadcast and cable to generate a lot of resumes.

If you are struggling to find the right people for your team, I suggest that you consider using broadcast television as a resource to drive lots and lots of resumes!

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Automotive Internet Sales Coordinator / BDC Rep

 / Appointment Setter PAY PLAN!

*** This is a SALES POSITION!!! NOT Customer Service!!


  • “Road to the Appointment” process… (Outbound / inbound phone call process)
  • How Qualify a prospect
  • Identify a prospect’s wants, wishes, needs and expectations!
  • They will have 25-35 (Minimum) word tracks in their arsenal… “Objections & Rebuttals as well as “What Ifs…”
  • A complete time management and organization strategy
  • A complete FORECASTING strategy… “3 Minute Book”.
  • They will NEED to have a thorough understanding of 3rd party providers, information sites like:
    • They need to have THOROUGH knowledge of their products… they do not NEED to memorize everything, but they need to know where to access the information.
    • Knowledge of the dealership’s website(s)
    • EXTREME KNOWLEDGE of the Dealership’s CRM… this is one of the MOST important aspects to their job!!




Simple J

$400 week salary X 4 weeks = $1,600 per month

What do I STILL need to earn in commissions to meet my $3,000 GOAL?

$1,400…  The questions is HOW am I going to earn it???

Before you can really answer this… you need to know what your commission plan is…???

$1 for an appointment

$15 for an appointment that shows

$25 for a sold appointment

For a TOTAL possible commission earnings of $41…

100 – 50 – 25

$100 - $750 - $625 = $1,475

$1,475 + $1,600 = $3,075…


100 appointments = $3,000  per month


100 / 4 weeks = 25 appointments per week…

/ 5 working days = 5 appointments per day…

They NEED to make or take 120 calls per day…

Why…? B/C you will ONLY connect with about 11-14% on the phones.

So, 120 calls per day will result in 11-14% connections which = 4-6 appointments per day (5).

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Dealer Synergy is HIRING! We are Growing and Expanding!!! 

We just bought a BEAUTIFUL building in Audubon NJ (Over 5,000 square feet). We are growing and expanding the company. Moving out of Philadelphia after all of these years was a hard decision but the best one for the evolution of Dealer Synergy. 

We are currently seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:

  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist 
  • Social Media 
  • Content Writing 
  • Customer Service
  • Office / Administrative Assistant 
Please contact Orlando at or call him at 215-338-3600. 

Thank you- 
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