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 In Loving Memory Of Jim Lacy, Dealer Principal OF RC Lacy Ford Lincoln Subaru - RIP Jimmy

Posted: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 12:30 am

Jim attended Catskill Central Schools and was a graduate of Catskill High School, Class of 1984. During his high school sports career, Jim reached the NYS finals in basketball, golf and tennis, and was recognized for his accomplishments on ESPN television. He attended SUNY Brockport and Hudson Valley Community College, and was a member of both basketball teams. Jim was currently the co-owner of RC Lacy Ford Lincoln Subaru in Catskill. He was a member of the Catskill Golf Club, Catskill Elks Lodge, REMAX Long-Drive Golf Competition and Vonex Long-Drive Golf Teams, which traveled throughout the United States, Japan and Canada. An avid fisherman, Jim also enjoyed golfing, skiing, traveling abroad, gourmet cooking and helping coach his two sons’ sports teams.

In addition to his parents Roscoe and Sally Lacy of Catskill, Jim is survived by his wife, Tami (Brandow) Lacy of Catskill; two children, Dylan James Lacy and Justyn Taylor Lacy of Catskill; a sister, Jennifer Lacy Cargioli of North Carolina; a brother, Daniel Lacy and wife Gina of Catskill; father in-law and mother in-law, George and Mary Brandow; Gordon and Rosalie Johnson, and Tamara Butterworth; brothers in-law and sisters in-law, Mark and Kelly Brandow, Gloria Johnson, Jason and Amy Johnson, and Derek Butterworth; uncle and aunt Calvin and Jeanne Lacy; nieces and nephews, Craig Garifo, Amanda Garifo, Nicole Lacy, Troy Lacy and several other aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Relatives and friends may call 1 to 6 p.m. Thursday at Traver & McCurry Funeral Home, 234 Jefferson Heights, Catskill. Funeral services will be held 11 a.m. Friday at the funeral home. Rev. Ronald B. Cox will officiate. Interment will follow in the Town of Catskill Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the James C. Lacy Athletic Scholarship Fund, 25 Maple Ave., Catskill, NY 12414.

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Example of How To Handle An Internet Prospect That Says They Are No Longer Interested In Buying A Car… Send Them An Email Like This From The GM or Dealer

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Use LinkedIn To Sell More Cars...

This is a great article I first read a few months ago about how LinkedIn is the best tool used by top sales reps to gain great leads. 

I recently interviewed 54 top salespeople about how they use LinkedIn to research accounts, prospect for leads, and generate sales. All of the study participants sell technology-based products to the IT departments of mid to large size companies.

The study included three types of salespeople: 33% were inside salespeople who sell exclusively over the phone, 41% were outside field reps responsible for acquiring new accounts, and 26% were outside field reps who managed existing client account.

The results suggest there are four basic LinkedIn user classifications:

Enthusiasts: Twenty-five percent of the study participants would be classified as “Enthusiast” LinkedIn users. Enthusiasts have fully developed LinkedIn accounts and use LinkedIn continuously during the day. They believe it is an important tool for generating product interest and promoting their company to potential customers. Enthusiasts were more likely to be outside salespeople responsible for acquiring new accounts. The average Enthusiast has around 700 contacts, and one had over 1200. Half of Enthusiasts have paid for an upgraded LinkedIn subscription at their own expense.

Casual: Forty percent of participants would be classified as “Casual” LinkedIn users who access their account on a regular basis. They consider LinkedIn a useful tool to research and learn more about prospective clients. Casual users have about 250 contacts on average, and all use a free LinkedIn subscription.

Personal: Fifteen percent of participants would be classified as “Personal” LinkedIn users. Their LinkedIn accounts have ample information about their job history and past accomplishments. Their main purpose for having a LinkedIn account is for job-related networking and they rarely, if ever, use LinkedIn for work-related purposes. Personal users averaged around 300 contacts.

Non-Participants: Twenty percent of the salespeople were “Non-Participants.” Non-Participants don’t have a LinkedIn account or their profile contains very little personal information and fewer than 20 contacts. They don’t consider LinkedIn a priority and seldom log-in to their account. These people were more likely to be older than Enthusiasts, and the majority worked in the same position or at the same company for many years.

Here’s how data from the first two groups breaks down:

How Salespeople Use LinkedIn

Contact Types

The composition of contacts varied greatly between Enthusiasts and Casuals. About 30% of Enthusiasts’ contacts were with existing clients, compared to only 5% for Casuals. Over 85% of Enthusiasts indicated they use their LinkedIn account to engage prospective customers during the sales process, while only 20% of Casuals did. Twenty percent of Enthusiasts contacts were prospective customers, on average, whereas it was less than 4% for Casuals. Partners (resellers, consultants, industry influencers, etc.) who affect customer purchasing decisions account for about 28% of contacts for Enthusiasts and roughly 17% of Casuals.

Customer Research

Every Enthusiast and nearly half of Casuals use LinkedIn to find out who they should contact in order to secure customer meetings. Over 90% of Enthusiasts and 65% of Casuals use LinkedIn prior to customer meetings to find out more about the people they will meet. Specifically, they are interested in where they have worked in the past and who they might know in common. Both groups also use LinkedIn extensively to verify a person’s title. About 55% of Enthusiasts and 10% of Casuals use LinkedIn to research their competition. In addition, Enthusiasts mentioned they will monitor a prospective customer’s connections to find out which competitors and salespeople are working on the account. Overall, LinkedIn was rated as a research tool (on a scale of one to five with five being highest) by Enthusiasts at 4.1 and 2.5 by Casuals.

Account Prospecting

Less than 15% of Enthusiasts and none of the Casuals ever reported making an unsolicited initial customer contact directly through a LinkedIn invitation. Nearly all salespeople commented they were fearful this would be perceived negatively by the prospective client. Instead, over 85% of Enthusiasts and 50% of Casuals indicated they would use LinkedIn to ensure they were contacting the right person but make first contact via email. The majority of both Enthusiasts and Casuals indicated their companies supplied better prospecting tools than LinkedIn. Overall, LinkedIn was rated as a prospecting tool by Enthusiasts at 3.8 and 2.1 by Casuals.

Use of Groups

On average, Enthusiasts belong to 12 groups and Casuals to four. Both Enthusiasts and Casuals indicated their main purposes for joining groups was to keep in touch with colleagues they worked with in the past, follow companies of interest, and to improve industry related knowledge or sales-skills. About 40% of Enthusiasts and less than 20% of Casuals responded that they belonged to groups that their prospective customers were part of. No one indicated they had generated an initial customer meeting based upon a group membership.

Existing Client Communication

Seventy percent of Enthusiasts and 18% of Casuals reported they had used LinkedIn to keep existing customers informed about their company’s offerings. Those who did used LinkedIn to send short messages that contained links to press releases, white papers, analyst reports, product announcements, and company produced videos. However, both groups overwhelmingly preferred to use e-mail to stay in touch with existing clients. LinkedIn was rated as an existing client communication by Enthusiasts at 2.1 and 1.5 by Casuals.

LinkedIn Generated Revenue

Over 40 percent of Enthusiasts indicated they have successfully generated revenue based upon LinkedIn-related efforts. Conversely, less than 20 percent of Casuals successfully generated revenue directly attribute to LinkedIn.

Overall, 18% of all survey respondents indicated they have generated additional sales as a direct result of their LinkedIn activities. However, this number is deceiving. In order to truly measure LinkedIn’s effectiveness you must take into account how many salespeople are Enthusiasts, Casuals, Personals, or Non-Participants.


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Discounts Available for Trade In Velocity Customers

Please join TradeInVelocity, at the Internet Sales 20 Group’s Dallas conferenceMarch 19th - 21st! Our founder, Barry Brodsky, and VP of Operations and Marketing, Carl Bauer, will be presenting. “The Power of the Trade-In” : Maximizing your dealership’s trade-in program using the internet as the keystone. 

With tax season upon us, inventory acquisition and management is crucial for your dealership’s success. We will be outlining how using TradeInVelocity’s platform, powered by NADAguides, can help you build your inventory, and get a steady stream of cars driving to your curb weekly. 

Join us alongside other great speakers and presentations at this intimate conference. There’s a limited number of spots left, and we can potentially help you attend with a discounted rate! Simply contact us, and let us know you want to go!

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Automotive Internet Sales (.com) Interviews Trade-In Velocity / NADA Guides & Gives Them A 5 Star Review! from Dealer Synergy on Vimeo.

Do You Want Higher Conversions From Your Dealership Website? Do You Understand The Power Of Trade-In Velocity?

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June 20th -

I am in Ft. Lauderdale getting ready to go to Karry's memorial service (Thank God, they are not calling it a funeral). I feel like I am moving in slow motion. This is such cliche to say, but I feel like this is not real, this is not really happening. But, I know as soon as I step foot into the service and see everyone else, when I see his family... it will become all too real. 

I brought my wife and kids to say goodbye. Lil Sean is too young to understand the finality and magnitude of the situation but my daughter understands completely. She is 11 and has known Karry for over 5 years now and she herself has some pretty cool memories of him herself.

I am very sad but I keep thinking to myself that no matter how sad I am, it pales in comparison to what his family is going through. His children (Zoe included) and Nora... 

Here is the post I put on FaceBook on Father's Day when I found out Karry Passed away. (I used a picture of my wedding, because it was literally one of the happiest days in my life and Karry was a big part in it... he was a Groomsman!

In Memory of Karry Moore

I do not know where to begin... My heart is heavy and I am filled with such confusion and anger. Today is Father's day. Today is a day to honor Fathers and show our love, respect and appreciation for them. However, today a Father was taken from us... Karry Moore. Karry had become a good friend of mine over the last 5 years. And anyone that knows me, knows that it isn't easy being Sean V. Bradley's friend. God knows, at times, I drove him crazy but for whatever reason he saw something in me. He always told me that he had a lot of respect for me and admired me. He also knew that I had a lot of potential. Karry took the time to further develop me. I have to say that I learned so much from Karry directly about business, relationships, technology and more. I developed a strong trust and respect for him. I admired how much he enjoyed life, how much of a good friend he was to everyone, how patient… the man had a LOT of patience! And what really impressed me was his love for his family. How much he loved his kids and his fiancé Nora. He was so happy when he talked about his kids and Nora. I am very glad that they had the opportunity to fly up to Philly / NJ and stay with Karen and me. We took a Limo to NYC to go see the Rockets (front row) and lived it up ☺. 
I was right there in the very beginning with Karry and AJ when they launched VSEO Inc...which turned into Car-Mercial. I am proud that I helped build that company with them. As much as I shared with Karry and AJ, they included me and shared with me. Car-Mercial has been good to me, to my family, to Dealer Synergy and to my clients. A lot of the subject matter knowledge on VSEO I learned came from Karry (And AJ).

When Karry first told me that he had Cancer, my heart dropped. He was so young, he was such a good person, he had a fiancé and kids. I was perplexed… How can this be??? But, none of that mattered. Cancer did not care about any of that. It got him. At first I was so scared for him but Karry sounded so positive and strong and so sure he was going to beat this thing. I believed he could fly… I would speak to him pretty often and whenever we spoke, he was positive and giving me updates of success. Then things started to go the wrong way… the cancer traveled to his brain and he was having seizures… Yet, when we spoke he was lucid, positive and CONVINCING! 

Funny story… I asked him what he was going to do when it was all over and he beat Cancer…? He said that he was going to get a BIG tattoo on his back throwing up the finger to the Big “C”. We both laughed! 

On May 29th, He called me to tell me that he and Nora set a Wedding date in November (the 18th). He wanted me and my family to come and be a part of it. We were all so happy and excited for him.

Less than 1 month later he is gone… On Father’s Day. 

I just spent the last hour reading all of his texts and emails to me in the last couple of months…

Its such a damn shame. So random, so ferociously final and with no mercy. 

All I can say is that he was a good man. He really was… not because he is no longer here but because he was a good man, a good father and a good fiancé. He was a great friend, Karry was always there for me. Whenever I needed to talk to him, whenever I needed help. Again, he was always patient. He was a good friend. 

I am very glad that I not only got to know Karry Moore but I can say he was a friend to me and my family and because of our friendship I am a better person. 

Please remember, that we NEVER know when it all comes to an end… but we all know it will end. Do not waste time with the stupid B.S. that life throws at you. In the end NONE OF IT MATTERS. What matters is family, friendship, relationships and love. 

I do regret that I didn’t spend more time with him. We talked in the past of visiting each other more but I live in Philly and he lived in Florida and we both ran national companies and we both had families… we had great reasons. And when he got sick, I wanted to visit him but he said that he thought I should wait until he got a little better. Every time I asked, he said he wanted to get a little more healthy before I came and visited with him. I am upset that I didn’t book a flight and just go!


Facebook appears to be on the verge of launching a new design of its Fan Pages. This change seems to include the site’s location-based Places checkin functionality, enabling “likers” of the page to check in to it. Although

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is said to be giving a sneak peak at the new Profile Pages design on 60 Minutes tonight, it seems that more change is in store; you can already see the new Pages design in action on select pages, such as Ellen DeGeneres’s Fan Page. On Ellen’s page, you will notice a count for the number of checkins the Page has. According to Facebook spokesperson Meredith Chin, the Ellen Page is a merged page that includes the functionality for checkins available shortly after the feature launched a few months ago. Basically, your brand page will then take on the Places page designs, which appears to be the inspiration for the new profile pages that are to be released as well.

“As long as the address of the official page and the place page match, it should show you a prompt and ask you if you want to merge them,” Chin said.


You can see screenshots of the new design below.

Current Pages Design -----------------



The current Pages design, similar to Profile Pages, has the Page navigation tabs (Wall, Questions, Photos) at the top.

New Pages With Checkins

The new Pages design includes checkins, profile information (which includes some basic information about the page and the Wall postings below it), a narrower left column and more.


New Tabs

The new Pages also feature the navigation tabs on the left-hand side.

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