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Discounts Available for Trade In Velocity Customers

Please join TradeInVelocity, at the Internet Sales 20 Group’s Dallas conferenceMarch 19th - 21st! Our founder, Barry Brodsky, and VP of Operations and Marketing, Carl Bauer, will be presenting. “The Power of the Trade-In” : Maximizing your dealership’s trade-in program using the internet as the keystone. 

With tax season upon us, inventory acquisition and management is crucial for your dealership’s success. We will be outlining how using TradeInVelocity’s platform, powered by NADAguides, can help you build your inventory, and get a steady stream of cars driving to your curb weekly. 

Join us alongside other great speakers and presentations at this intimate conference. There’s a limited number of spots left, and we can potentially help you attend with a discounted rate! Simply contact us, and let us know you want to go!

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Sean V Bradley Puts TradeInVelocity to the Test

This is the recording of a recent Google+ Hangout with Sean V Bradley, Barry Brodsky, and Carl Bauer taking an in-depth look at TradeInVelocity, a highly customizable vehicle trade-in tool for your dealership website.

In this video, Barry walks you through each different feature this tool offers, with Sean putting Barry and TiV to the test with "curve ball" questions that give you a chance to better understand the real impact of these features. 

Nobody can get to the bottom line of a tool like this than Sean, unveiling to you the power and importance of a vehicle trade-in tool that is customizable in many ways.

For instance, where other trade-in tools brand themselves on your site, TradeInVelocity allows you to either show the NADAguides badge, or none at all; allowing for a seamless integration into your website. Better than that though? You’ll never redirect your web-traffic to a lead-stealing competitor.

NADAguides are a nationally recognized publication utilized by association members… of which over 95% of all automobile dealerships are a part of. NADAguides supplies the most accurate ranges for trade-in vehicles…and with TradeInVelocity, you control your bottom line. Customize the displayed values to stay competitive in your local market.

No other trade-in valuation tool allows for this level of customization! Why leave the values in the hands of those who are only out to promote their brand? With TIV, you’ll never have to again.

TradeInVelocity also provides you with a simple set of analytics your dealership will user every month to maximize lead generation. Keep track of your leads, their sources, the top ten replacement vehicles desired by your incoming customers, and more.

No other trade-in valuation tool provides you with this rich data. No other tool provides you with this piece of mind.

Enjoy the video and feel free to mosey on over to the TiV website to learn more about the many great features you will find in this tool, but be sure to get with Sean V Bradley if you are interested in a demo so that you can take advantage of Dealer Synergy's special pricing

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