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After many years, Sean V. Bradley is proud to announce that he will be partnering with Digital Dealer once again.

Sean will be writing for Dealer magazine, writing for the Digital Dealer blog, speaking at Digital Dealer workshops and conferences, and has formally invited the executives of Digital Dealer to represent at the Internet Sales 20 Group.  

There is so much value in synergy.  The partnership between Sean V. Bradley, Dealer Synergy, and Digital Dealer will be beyond powerful and help dealers across the nation sell more cars, more often, and more profitably.

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We are super excited to announce that the #IS20G has just locked in the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge! This hotel is absolutely gorgeous! And it is 5 minutes away from New York City... right over the Bridge! 

And... The Ultra Awesome VIP Party will be in New York City!!! We are doing it BIG!!! 

So register for #IS20G 7 BEFORE Tickets SELL OUT (Again)

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Internet Sales 20 Group VIP Party Music Video "I'm On A Boat" Parody - IS20G
The Music Video "I'm On A Boat" for the Internet Sales 20 Group 6 ‪#‎Boston‬ VIP Party on a Yacht Spirit of Boston) is OFF THE HOOK! Let us know what you think and please share with everyone! Thank you to all of the attendees of ‪#‎IS20G‬ 6 and the Dealer Synergy Video Production Team. Special Thank you to Subi Fernando Ghosh and JD Rucker! Subi was the brainchild behind this Music Video!! Great Job Team!!

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Sean V. Bradley Will Be Speaking at the Sales Management Super Conference - Nov 11-13, 2014

Sean is going to teach how a dealership can DOUBLE their sales in 30 days with these 10 steps! You do NOT want to miss Sean's presentation. 

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Digital Dealer 17 Conference's Keynote Speaker Convicted Criminal (Fraud, Money Laundering & More) - Jordan Belfort "Wolf Of Wall Street"

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Special Toyota OEM Deal For Toyota Dealers In The Boston Region for Internet Sales 20 Group 6

The Internet Sales 20 Group 6 in Boston is going to be the biggest and most powerful, both the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association as well as Toyota OEM are partners in this event. Toyota OEM sees tremendous value in the curriculum to the point they just got approval from corporate to make the 3 day workshop accredited and eligible for Toyota Certification!

If you have any questions, please call Sean V. Bradley at 267-319-6776

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