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Make Money Mondays with Sean V. Bradley - Know Your Used Car Inventory

In this week's Episode of Make Money Mondays Sean V. Bradley, President of Dealer Synergy, explains the importance of knowing your car inventory. Whether it is a new or preowned vehicle, you should know the features along with the benefits of each individual vehicle. Inventory is the #1 page on your dealership's website. You should know what all of your vehicles natural competitors are when working with a prospect. At the end of the day, the most important thing for you to do is qualify your prospects.

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If you have any questions, call or text Sean on his cell 267-319-6776.

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How do you define your brand?

On this week’s Think Tank Tuesday, my team and I visited Ryan Norris on a production trip to Toyota of Easley.  In that experience, I got Ryan’s interpretation on what makes a brand…and it’s more than just a logo or a jingle. 

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Special Toyota OEM Deal For Toyota Dealers In The Boston Region for Internet Sales 20 Group 6

The Internet Sales 20 Group 6 in Boston is going to be the biggest and most powerful, both the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association as well as Toyota OEM are partners in this event. Toyota OEM sees tremendous value in the curriculum to the point they just got approval from corporate to make the 3 day workshop accredited and eligible for Toyota Certification!

If you have any questions, please call Sean V. Bradley at 267-319-6776

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Best Idea On How To Get More Factory Demos For Your Dealership - From A Toyota General Manager, Mike Udell

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Mike Udell is a longtime Member of the Internet Sales 20 Group and shared this creative way to get more executive demos from the factory... He actually sends this to his OEM

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