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This Internet Sales 20 Group in Boston was such a huge success! We would like to highlight the dealerships that participated in the Composite, especially those who were awarded for their performance. All the winners performed extraordinarily well in their areas and we are so proud of all of the dealers.

The awards were as follows: The SEO Award was given to Toyota of Braintree for having a well implemented SEO strategy that allowed them to consistently show up on the first page of search engines. Route 44 Toyota  was awarded the Social Media trophy for having the most fans, engagement and page impressions across multiple social networking sites.

The award for Credit Miner was a tie between two dealerships, Bernardi Toyota and Toyota of Braintree. Both dealerships had credit applications that were easy to use and responded to applicants in a timely manner. The award for best Mystery Shop went to Westboro Toyota for providing an exceptional call experience with the proper phone scripts, etiquette and overall process.The award for best Online Reputation was received by Berlin City Toyota for the best ratings, most reviews and most interaction based on popular review sites.  

The Response Audit award was given to Toyota of Watertown based on this dealership’s ability to provide confirmation of availability, in addition to information on vehicle information in a timely manner. The award for Website scope was given to Irwin Toyota for having a solid website which included important factors such as an outstanding landing page that provided easy navigation and was filled with customer reviews. The  winner of the overall, best of the best, Pinnacle Award was Toyota of Braintree who excelled in all of the categories analyzed in the composite.

Multiple companies, including Dealer Synergy and many of the Internet Sales 20 Group sponsors, spent over 6 weeks performing complimentary consultations and research in order to collect the data compiled in the composite.28 dealerships were involved in this event’s composite. They were graded and ranked based on 7 Key Performance Indicators, (KPI) - SEO, Social Media, Credit Applications, Mystery Shop Calls, Online Reputation, Response Audit, and Website Scope. Additionally, a lead estimate was conducted, courtesy of Autobytel. They analyzed the lead opportunities in the local areas surrounding each dealership in the composite. Their search radius spanned from 5 to 25 miles. Learning how many opportunities were available to their store was extremely eye opening and proved to be very valuable to participating dealerships.All the work, donated time and resources for this enormous assessment and evaluation has been estimated at a $3,000 value per dealership!

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Below we have outlined the criteria for all seven of the KPI’s and specified exactly what was analyzed:

SEO –This category assessed the dealership’s main website for accessibility on mobile devices and desktops, made sure links worked properly and included proper alt tags, headers and more.  The overall test was how well their sites ranked on search engines based on content and key words.

Social Media- With social media being crucial for exposure, this category looked at total fans, followers and subscribers on the most popular social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  

Mystery Shop- Every dealership received two monitored calls and were graded in the following areas: initial experience, greeting and phone etiquette. Having a basic phone process and a script makes it easy to guarantee you hit all the key points and end the conversation with an appointment.

Online Reputation- Dealerships were graded on their ratings on online review sites such as Google Reviews, Yahoo Local, Yelp!, Dealer Rater, Edmunds,, and more. The dealerships were assessed based on the number of reviews, the ratings and their engagement with reviewers.

Response Audit – This category was graded based on the dealership’s ability to provide confirmation of vehicle availability, offer test drives and their overall professionalism while providing details about vehicle inventory.

Website Scope- When assessing websites,  the most important aspects are the ease of use for the customer. We looked for an easy search button for inventory,  explanatory videos, such as a used vehicle walk around, and testimonials. Other aspects included a clear call to action, contact information and a site that was up-to-date and relevant.

Credit Miner Credit Applications – This category looked specifically at credit applications on each dealership’s site. Two key factors were the ease of use and response time after submission. It is important to ensure that dealerships are serving their clientele in the most professional and prompt manner possible.

A Breakdown of the Winners and how you can emulate their success:

SEO: Toyota of Braintree

Why They Won: Toyota of Braintree’s SEO strategy included great keywords, alt tags and meta data. Their content was fresh, relevant and updated consistently so they showed up at the top of results in multiple organic searches.

How You Can Emulate Their Success:  Take time to make sure your content is consistent with what words you want to appear in search engines.  The words you choose affect the visibility of your website in search engines and need to be decided based on your target audience. Meta tags play a major role in this process so it’s important to focus your SEO Strategy around these keywords.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Route 44 Toyota

Why They Won: Route 44 Toyota’s Social Media  had the most engagement, subscribers, fans and interactions with these fans as well as followers. Their content was unique, engaging and professional.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: Do not just make your dealership’s site about just YOUR dealership. Be sure to post relevant stores, industry news, and local activities and events in your community. It’s important to see Social Media as a tool to interact with your customers and potential customers - not just an advertisement platform.

MYSTERY SHOP: Westboro Toyota

Why They Won: This dealership was awarded best Mystery Shop Calls based on good phone etiquette displayed by the coordinators, including greeting and closing and overall, exceeding the needs of the caller.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: It’s important to start with a set guide for how to take and make phone calls. Having a process in place and training your team accordingly ensures that all the right information is gathered, that the customer is heard, and that ultimately, their expectations are met. Starting this way makes it easier to sell the appointment and ultimately, the vehicle.


Why They Won: Berlin City Toyota had an incredible amount of reviews, was rating highly on all the most popular review sites, and had an appropriate level of engagement with customers who left reviews.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: With everyone able to quickly search for customer reviews, you need to make an effort to have positive reviews online at their fingertips. Be sure to thank anyone that leaves a review and make sure to always be conscious when representing your dealership online, so when engaging negative reviews, but be respectful and courteous.

RESPONSE AUDIT: Toyota of Watertown

Why They Won: The Response Audit award was received based on having the right content with the fastest responses about vehicle availability, test drive and more. They went above and beyond to not only provide information but great customer service.

How to Emulate Their Success: Always remain educated about information at your dealership. At any given time you should be able to provide information about vehicles in stock or that you can access. Having a plan in place for handling responses is important, so training is imperative to guarantee great customer satisfaction.


Why They Won: Irwin Toyota received the Website Scope Award because they had a fantastic overall site. Their landing page had a solid call to action, testimonials from previous customers and easily linked to their inventory, specials and financing pages. Their pages were filled with relevant content, they had no broken links or error pages and the organization of the site made it easy to navigate and get in touch with a sales associate.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: When creating your website make sure you have a clear vision. Make sure all the information displayed about inventory, incentives and calls to action are all clear. Try to think of your site from a customer perspective and keep your content fresh and engaging. Try adding a blog, photos, videos and other multi-media aspects to liven up the site.

CREDIT MINER APPLICATION: Bernardi Toyota and Toyota of Braintree

Why They Won:  These two dealerships tied for Credit Miner Application because both dealerships had great credit applications that were easy to fill out and both had a quick response time.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: It is important to make credit applications easy and simple. Ask enough information but not too much that you turn them off. And make sure they know how important they are to you by responding quickly.

THE PINNACLE AWARD: Toyota of Braintree

Why They Won: Toyota of Braintree scored highly in all of the 7 KPIs with makes them our Pinnacle Award Winner! They combined superior customer service skills with a high online reputation, a great SEO strategy, ease of navigation on their site and were overall very successful in all areas assessed.

How You Can Emulate Their Success: Make sure your dealership has an exceptional website, appears well in search engines, has a call to action and above all make sure you always provide excellent customer service. It seems overwhelming now, but start by improving one area at a time and you’ll start exceeding not only your customers’ expectations, but your own.

We want to congratulate all of the dealers that were highlighted. It was such an honor to acknowledge dealerships in the industry who are succeeding. It’s important to realize this could be you; you could be any of these dealerships! This is your time, learn and excel today! We hope to see you at the next IS20G 7 in New York. Don’t forget: the first 20 dealerships to register for the event in New York will be included in the next Composite. Don’t miss your chance to be part of something amazing!

Visit for more information about the upcoming event.

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Many people think it's impossible to be successful in the automotive world, but I have seen so many automotive professionals that have had tremendous levels of success. Extraordinary possibilities exist in our industry, and I want to share with you the tools and strategies that will make you more successful than you ever imagined.

At the Internet Sales 20 Group 6 Workshop in Boston this week, Sean V. Bradley, CSP, CEO of Dealer Synergy, unveiled a motivational video his team created that is sure to get you thinking about your future. Success is possible in the auto industry if you know how to work hard, use your resources and stay ahead of the game.

Sean’s been in the industry for over 15 years and has perfected the strategies you need to be successful. Over the years, he has developed tools and services that you can take advantage of in order to achieve success and inspire greatness.

Dealer Synergy: Dealer Synergy is an Award Winning Training, Consulting and Digital Marketing firm that has built the most profitable Internet Sales and Business Development departments for automotive dealerships across the United States. Armed with a training team of automotive professionals with firsthand knowledge and experience in the dealership world, as well as a top of the line technology department consisting of graphic designers, video production professionals, sound engineers and animators, digital marketing professionals and content writers, Dealer Synergy is uniquely equipped to assist your dealership with the most up-to-date, technologically advanced, training and digital marketing tools.


Bradley on Demand: Bradley On Demand is the most advanced platform for sales training, strategies and professional development. The curriculum is designed with a dual approach that focuses on personal and financial success. When your team succeeds your dealership’s bottom line increases. With this tool you will sell more cars, make more money and enhance the quality of your life.


Money Mind Mapp (MMMapp): Targeted towards Automotive Sales Professional, BDC Rep and Internet Coordinators, this desktop and mobile app was developed to help automotive professionals create and achieve their financial goals. Whether they are tracking their personal finances or managing an entire dealership, the Money Mind Mapp is uniquely designed to identify your wants and needs, create action plans, and track your success. The app works with you, making sure you meet your goals. You will never achieve success by simply stating what you want to accomplish. In order to be successful, you need to actually MAP out your plan and follow it exactly. Everyone can use a little help staying accountable. Money Mind Mapp does just that!



Sean V. Bradley, CSP has the key to success. Contact him to unlock your potential!

Call his cell at 267-319-6776 or send him an email at


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Special Toyota OEM Deal For Toyota Dealers In The Boston Region for Internet Sales 20 Group 6

The Internet Sales 20 Group 6 in Boston is going to be the biggest and most powerful, both the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association as well as Toyota OEM are partners in this event. Toyota OEM sees tremendous value in the curriculum to the point they just got approval from corporate to make the 3 day workshop accredited and eligible for Toyota Certification!

If you have any questions, please call Sean V. Bradley at 267-319-6776

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MSADA & Toyota Are Aligning For Internet Sales 20 Group 6 In Boston - September 22 -24 - Automotive Sales Training

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Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association (MSADA) Partners With The Internet Sales 20 Group For #IS20G 6 In Boston

September 22nd, 23rd & 24th in Boston


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** I was asked by the President of the Massachusetts State Auto Dealers Association (MSADA) to Speak at the New England Auto Show yesterday. I had no idea that Grant Cardone was going to be speaking there as well. Even though I have been in the industry for 15 years it was the first time I have ever heard Grant Cardone speak. I went on right after Grant did-

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I just came across this article from Tim Martell and it blew me away on how ferocious a situation can become... Here is Tim's post:

Social media represents a new dawn for the marketing industry. The level of interaction it enables between business and consumer is nothing short of revolutionary. Most would agree that this is a step forward; more communication is always preferable to less. However, it is not an avenue of communication that businesses can control, or even truly mediate. Social mediacreates a dangerous duality, in that it can make or break a business with equal aptitude.

Two brothers have started a boycott against their sister’s former employer, Clay Nissan of Norwood. Their sister, Jill Colter, has stage 4 brain cancer and they claim that she was wrongfully terminated by the dealership. Both sides have taken to social media to garner support, and now the issue is heading to court.

Jill took a two month leave of absence to recuperate from intensive whole brain radiation treatment. Once she returned to work, Jill felt she was completely capable of performing her duties and arrived on time or early every day. Just three weeks after her return, she was terminated. When she inquired about the reason, she was informed, “We are going in a different direction.”

Massachusetts has an At-Will Employment rule. This is defined as an employment relationship in which either party can break the relationship with no liability. However, there is also the U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act, which protects people’s right to take unpaid, job protected leave for as long as 12 weeks. To terminate someone’s employment as a result of illness covered under the FMLA can be regarded as discrimination.

Was Jill a victim of discrimination? Her family certainly thinks so. Her brothers, Jon and Adam Colter, started a Facebook page calling for the boycott of Clay Nissan of Norwood. The story went viral and exploded across the web. Their Facebook page’s about section states: “ went live about five weeks ago. Since then we have received about 15,000 supporters. Private messages are in the hundreds.”

Once Clay Nissan got wind of the boycott page, they released this official statement: “With regard to the campaign against Clay Nissan of Norwood, we understand this is an emotional topic further fueled by misinformation and efforts to block communication from the Clay family. We encourage you to visit to learn the truth about our actions. In short, we were aware of the employee’s illness prior to hiring her, and after learning of her firing we invited her back to work at our dealerships.”

According to the Boycott Clay Nissan Facebook page, this statement is far too little, and way too late. The Colters maintain that they received no such offer until the boycott was in effect for over three days, which was initiated about two weeks after Jill was let go. “This is Clay doing damage control, public relation, and spin and more spin,” wrote Adam Colter.

This is not the first time that a Clay dealership has engaged in questionable behavior toward its employees. Clay Nissan’s parent company, Clay Family Dealerships, Inc. was investigated for knowingly failing to pay owed overtime wages to employees. That investigation ended with Clay paying nearly $280,000 in back wages, restitutions and fees.

At this point in time, both sides have retained legal representation. The Colters are suing Clay for wrongful termination of Jill, claiming they violated the FMLA. At the same time, Clay is counter-suing the Colter brothers for defamation brought about by the boycott, with an emphasis on the content of the Facebook page.

Judging by the timeline and statements made on both sides, it is difficult to say who is telling the truth. The only thing we can be sure of is who is talking louder, and that is unequivocally the Colters. Their Facebook page is currently over 25,000 strong, including thousands of comments across hundreds of posts. Clay is trying to reach out via their ClayFamilyCares website and issued statements, but they are finding it difficult to compete with the wildfire spread of internet vitriol.

That may be part of the problem; the fact that Clay is trying to compete at all. Jon Colter has said that initially all they wanted was an apology but the dealership was unwilling to comply. Instead, the dealership has attempted to defend itself at every turn; as though any amount of PR could turn back the tides. The simple fact is, right or wrong, Clay has already lost in the court of public opinion; at some point, all that is left is to apologize and move on.

That is what can make this kind of social media campaign so dangerous to businesses; companies can lose a war that they are only peripherally aware they are fighting. Every day more people are seeing the Boycott Clay Nissan Facebook page. When they view the page, they are seeing the story as presented by the Colters. Clay can issue statements but each and every piece of information is filtered and posted by the Colters. The brothers also have complete control over comments on the page, meaning the Clay family cannot even defend themselves on the page that they are being attacked on. Is it fair? No. Are the Colters telling the truth? Evidence suggests they are, but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

In the world of social media, when a person fights a business, the roles are already cast. Despite any efforts to the contrary, despite who is truly right or wrong, the faceless corporation will be viewed as the villain. It is the innate characteristic of consumers to band together against a business who is being accused of a wrongdoing. We have all been there; when you hear a story of some big-box store screwing someone, how often do you even attempt to see things from the company’s point of view? It’s not often, and frankly, you shouldn’t have to try.

It is the onus of any business to maintain its own image in the eyes of the public.

This is what Clay Nissan, and the entire Clay family, needs to accept. They can go through the defamation lawsuit, and, as Jon Colter says, “They’re suing us, but it could be two to four years before the site is taken down, and by then, it will be at half a million.” The damage has been done. It was done the second that Facebook page went viral.

It’s unfortunate for Clay, but it provides an excellent example for other dealerships. Social media is no longer a supplementary part of your main marketing strategy. It deserves and demands constant investment to keep your business spotless in the eyes of your customers. When it comes to Clay and the Colters, we don’t know who is in the right and we’ll reiterate: it doesn’t matter!

If Clay had someone competent in charge of managing their social media presence, they would have known about this boycott page the second it went up. Once they knew about it, they could have apologized and moved the entire discussion out of the public eye before it caught fire.

Instead, they have a boycott, a lawsuit, and an ugly blemish on their company’s reputation. But hey, at least things posted on the internet aren’t there forever…right?

Take a look at some of these links to see the magnitude of the situation. 

Dealers... be careful-

The "Boycott Clay Nissan" Campaign is Crushing The Boston Nissan Dealership via Social Media. If you GOOGLE "Clay Nissan Boycott", its pretty surreal...

Source -

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