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Sean V. Bradley has 15 years Automotive Internet Sales experience selling over 110 INTERNET units per month when he was an Internet Director at Pine Belt Automotive in NJ 


Joe Cala was the Internet Sales Manager at Nelson Mazda in Tulsa Oklahoma that took their department from 7 units - 80 units per month online. Joe then went on to Gateway Toyota, a Penske store to become the Internet Director for 6 years. Joe was delivering 150 INTERNET units per month. Cala also worked for for a year.

Both Cala and Bradley have extensive Automotive Internet Sales experience and have created a 5 part Internet Director responsibilities series. 

If you would like more information please go to or call them at 856-546-2440 


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Internet Director That Sold 150+ Units Per Month ONLINE Gets Promoted To General Manager
Joe Cala has 12 years Automotive Sales Experience, holding positions in:

* Showroom Sales

* New Car Sales Manager

* Used Car Manager

* Internet Sales Manager

* Internet / BDC Director

Joe Cala also worked for 1 year as an Autotrader Account Executive.

Joe is going to make an incredible General Manager of Dealer Synergy

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Autotrader Account Executive Gives Secrets, Tips & Advice On How To Maximize Autotrader For Your Dealership

Secrets, Tips & Advice On How To Maximize Autotrader For Your Dealership - Automotive Internet Sales...

Joe Cala is a Top Autotrader Account Executive and an 11 year Automotive Sales Veteran.
Before joining Joe was the Internet Director of a Penske Dealership (Gateway Toyota). Joe delivered 150+ Internet Deals per month!

Joe gives some POWERFUL advice on how to maximize Autotrader for your dealership!

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Make Money Mondays With Sean V. Bradley - Special Guest, Joe Cala - Better, Not Bigger

This is truly a "Special Edition" of make money mondays! This week's episode is of a great friend of the Bradleys... Joe Cala. Joe has over 11 years of Automotive Sales and Management experience. Has been part of two nationally successful Internet Sales departments. And Joe is currently an Autotrader rep! 

You have to watch this video!!

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SOCIALDEALER, a leading social media management company that helps automotive dealers create, manage and monitor their social activities through one centralized web platform, today announced Phil Penton, President of SOCIALDEALER, has been interviewed by

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