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2014 Corvette Stingray

When something is as hot as an iconic automotive legend hitting dealerships across America, it often doesn't need very much additional buzz created for it. Some would say that this is the case for the new Corvette C7 Stingray, just now landing at showrooms.

I think they're making a mistake by not blasting this machine out there to everyone in the world. It's that cool, but you wouldn't know it if you're following them on social media.

There are two possible reasons for this. It could simply be a corporate thing. Social media departments at large companies are often disconnected from the rest of the company. You can usually see this when a Facebook page is dominated by feel-good stories, customer experiences, nostalgia, and the occasional advertising. Most of the time these types of posts were pre-approved by the legal and marketing departments well before the posts went out and the results are good, not great, but at least they're safe.

The other possible reason is that they simply do not believe that the car has enough mass appeal to hit their social media presence prominently. This is a huge mistake, an amateur one, really, if that is the case. Social media is not about general appeal. It's about what's hot. It's about what's amazing. There's a reason that Ferrari has a more prominent social media footprint that Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, or any of the other major brands. It's not that more people drive Ferraris. These people that are liking the pages aren't going to Ferrari club meetings, nor do they have one sitting in their garage. This is social media and in many ways it's a reflection of our desired lifestyle rather than our real one.

If Chevrolet wants to really get people's attention and make a splash on social media, they need to take advantage of this monster of a car. It truly is an amazing piece of machinery, different and better than previous Corvettes. They need to drive this beast into the ground and ride it for as long as they can in order to take full advantage of the algorithmic benefits it would create.

The Corvette can go viral. The Cruze cannot.

Some Chevy dealers are getting it. Here's one video from Holiday Automotive that gives the right amount of attention to this machine. They aren't trying to sell it. They don't need to. Everything they have allocated is already sold. That's not the point. The point is that it's hot and they understand that.

If only their manufacturer understood as well.

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This video is a prime example of why we must maximize every opportunity that we have to do business.  We all know that 67% of customers never come back so why take the chance of never seeing that customer again when you can seal the deal while they are there and at the highest point of mental ownership.  If you don't believe me call them two days and you might be saying "Oh what did you get."  Good luck and good selling. 

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SOCIALDEALER, a leading social media management company that helps automotive dealers create, manage and monitor their social activities through one centralized web platform, today announced Phil Penton, President of SOCIALDEALER, has been interviewed by

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Jeff Gordon Chevy & unveil the first Dealer facebook page that allows fans to name their own price through a revolutionary Price Reduction Feature.

500 million people all around the world are actively using facebook to stay connected with their friends and the people around them. Until recently, it's been a challenge for consumers to shop for and purchase goods and services through facebook.

When Jeff Gordon Chevrolet launched, they quickly realized it was exactly what consumers had been waiting for.

"With our new interactive facebook page, our customers are able to browse thousands of vehicles and make an offer on the exact vehicle they've been looking for." said Jeff Gordon Chevrolet's Marketing Manager Mark Santilli. " We've also added a Price Reduction feature that allows shoppers to save thousands of dollars off their purchase price. We are dedicated to making the Internet Buying Experience fast, easy and hassle free. Listening and then responding to the needs of our customers is why we're the GM Certified Used Sales Leader for 8 consecutive years and a GM Dealer Of The Year Award Winner".

Don't live near Jeff Gordon Chevrolet? No problem, we can arrange hassle free delivery right to your front door with our Exclusive Door To Door Delivery Program

Jeff Gordon Chevrolet is a proud member of the Hendrick Automotive Group. Shop 500 GM Certified Used Vehicles and over 3,500 Hendrick Certified Used Vehicles at

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