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Jim Ziegler's Secret Tips On Avoiding The #1 Mistake Car Salesman Make That Blows Deals & Lowers Gross

Dealer Synergys Video Production Team just completed James A. Zieglers BRAND NEW Training Curriculum for Bradley On Demand. Jim is going to have his complete training system available for you all very soon. Jim's "Alpha Dawg" Channel with cover Showroom Sales (Including the "road to the sale" of course), Sales Management and Full Blown F&I. Karen Uriarte-Bradley and I are very proud and excited to have Jim on Bradley on Demand!
For more information, go to or call me on my cell 267-319-6776

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Sales Managers, Show Your Sales Team "How To Sell 30+ Units & Make OVer $125,000"!

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A lot can be said about the power of gratitude and humility. In the automotive industry, we are thankful for our customers and often humbled by the attention they give to us during this important aspect of their lives. It's not like they're buying a car every day, right?

In this video from Jim Ziegler's Internet Battle Plan in Seattle, I discuss the importance of having the right type of focus when operating your social media for the dealership.

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Sean V. Bradley Will Be Speaking at the Sales Management Super Conference - Nov 11-13, 2014

Sean is going to teach how a dealership can DOUBLE their sales in 30 days with these 10 steps! You do NOT want to miss Sean's presentation. 

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