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More often than not, people think that graphics and texts are independent. An average person will post a great image, but neglect the text or on the other hand, post powerful text with no accompanying graphic. So what if we could combine powerful text and a helpful image to create a graphic that provides information? We can, and the result of this combination is called an Infographic.

Infographics are great considering the short attention span of the average content consumer; in fact, you’ve got just seconds to catch someone’s attention and inform them of the information you want to convey.

While we generally try to avoid idioms, the phrase “killing two birds with one stone” is more than appropriate when talking about infographics. You can convey information, while maintaining your company's brand and land them at the end of a great graphic with a better hook. Infographics are not just important important to catch your reader’s attention but, they’re huge for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All of the words on the infographic will be read by search engines and used to help place you hire on organic web searches.

Other Perks of Infographics:

• They can be recycled. The research you’ve used to create an infographic can turn around and generate a press release.

• It is easier to explain complicated data in the form of a picture

• Inexpensive

• They get shared more than just regular text.

Are you still not sold yet? Maybe you will be once you see how easy it is to make an infographic. There are sites like and that take you step by step through creating your infographic from the beginning stages of deciding what content you want to feature, through the end final touches making your ingoraphic design stand out!

Try it out and see if you get the ROI you want for your business.

~CB and BL

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DealerSynergy Training

This was such a great experience! Sean Bradley and Anthony Alagona did such a great job at training us and motivating us to better ourselves. Anthony was an awesome trainer; he was so down to earth and funny, I learned so much from him. His techniques really made the information stick in my mind. We will become a better dealership because of DealerSynergy!

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The CEO of Dealer Synergy Sean V. Bradley was recently published in the nation's largest public speaking magazine "Speaker." This huge honor was bestowed upon him based not only on his public speaking skills, but also because of his immense knowledge on the Googleopoly!

"The phenomenon of Googleopoly is dominating the first page of search results on Google, utilizing organic results, Google+ results and local business results. If you are a business owner, trainer, consultant or speaker, you need to have an online presence to be found. But if you are not showing up in the list of top 10 results on Google, then you are technically invisible online. Almost 100 percent (99.5 percent to be exact) of people do not click past the first page of Google results. That means regardless of how good you are or how amazing your company is, it’s almost as if your company does not exist at all."

You can read the full article here;

Creating a Googleopoly

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We here at RC Lacy in the beautiful Catskill NY had the pleasure of having Anthony (Rebuttal Rockstar) Alagona to come train us again. When he was here the 1st time it was awesome, we were a new internet group and everything was new and exciting and a bit intense. Second time around, he made it even more fun, he got us pumped up to learn the rebuttals, gave us new ideas and showed us how to make this job more fun and exciting, how to get clients to call us back and just make the whole process fun and not so tedious. If you are having problems remembering your rebuttals or you are finding your job becoming tedious, make that call to Dealer Synergy and get Anthony Alagona to come to your shop, TRUST me you will not regret it.

Thanks Anthony for visiting us and I can't wait to have you come back again!

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If There is ANYONE who thinks Social Media is NOT Important, Valuable, Amazing, Useful, Needed - WATCH THIS VIDEO!

I was BLOWN away by this video!
If they can accomplish ALL of that... You can ALL leverage Social Media for your dealership(s).


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