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From all of us here at Dealer Synergy (and AIS), we'd like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Fourth of July!! Of course, today is the day we spend in the backyard, grilling, swimming in the pool and having a good time with family and friends. Then, of course, later we'll watch the fireworks! 

But, we also must remember the importance of this historic day! Today is the day the United States of America gained its independence. Its Freedom.

(It also might be the day we all watch INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!)

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Happy Thanksgiving (2011)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day with the ones that you love. I would love to hear what you all are thankful for... For me, I have so much to be thankful for, but I will start with what is top of mind. My amazing wife Karen AKA Karina Bradley -She is one of thee most incredible people I have ever met in my life and for whatever reason, she chose me to be her husband (That or I AM the SICKEST CLOSER in the World :) Our beautiful and AMAZING children Tianna, Kalina and Sean V. Bradley "The Sequel". Everyday with family is a Thankful day. I am also thankful for all of the people in my life... Family, Friends, Colleagues, Co-Workers, Clients... EVEN the "Haters", even the people that make my life difficult, challenging, frustrating etc... Because those people are my inspiration to strive harder and be BETTER. Having adversity in my life allows me to appreciate all of the things God has blessed me with. I know I have ONLY scratched the surface at ONLY 35 years old. I have much to learn and much to evolve to and I do NOT mean to accumulate MORE Wealth, I mean be a better human being... being the BEST person I could be. I want to be a great role model for my family. I want to inspire people. Because, if I could come from where I did... And be where I am now in life... ANYONE has an opportunity. I am THANKFUL for ALL of the AMAZING people that have influenced me, mentored me... EVEN the people who "Hated" on me or have hurt me, those people MADE me work harder, work smarter and gave me my "Failure is NOT an Option" mentality.  Here is an AWESOME FranklinCovey Video, the "80th Birthday"... Think about it and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

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"Phone Ninja" Contest Reminder


Hello All,


Just wanted to send out a reminder that the contest for all my fellow "Phone Ninja's" is going to end on December 31st, So please make sure you have submitted your best objections and rebuttals in order to win some great prizes. Just take a few moments and think of that 1 customer that really was hard to deal with and let us know how you were able to overcome their objections and get them into the dealership. So far I have received some great entries but I am still looking for some more. Hope everyone had a Wonderful Holiday and also that you have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR! Lets work hard and make 2011 a GREAT YEAR!!!


Thank You,

Kristy Ehmann

Dealer Synergy



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Tis the Season!

WOW!  The Holiday Season is here!  Did it creep up on you too?  Where has the last month gone!?!


I know I have had my head down working hard to make sure that Dealer Synergy is prepped and ready for 2011, but I did want to stop everything I am doing just for a few minutes and...



Wish everyone a very wonderful, merry, joyful, happy, safe and prosperous Holiday Season and New Year!!  I hope everyone gets what they want, and especially gets time to spend with great family and friends!  Enjoy it!!


Best Wishes,


Andy Fedo

VP of Training

Dealer Synergy

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I would like to start off by saying “Happy Holidays". I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday season.

The "Holiday Season" is in full effect and the end of the year approaching quickly, I am hoping all of you are using this time of the year to your benefit. This is the best time of the year to set and close more appointments than any other month of the calendar year. Customer's are in "Shopping/Buying" mode during the holidays so use this mentality to your advantage!!

With that being said, my question to each "Phone Ninja" out there is this.....


-  What issue/objection are you hearing customers say most and trying to overcome? 

-  How and what rebuttal have you been using to overcome these objections?

In order to make this a little more interesting and to generate some feedback, I would like to make this a little contest. We are going to judge who came up with the best, well thought out rebuttal and give away a holiday prize!   

So please take a moment and think of each call you have taken and decide what is the most common objection you’re dealing with on a daily basis and how have you effectively overcame this objection. Is it the customer who is waiting till tax time to purchase a new vehicle?  Is it the customer who has to wait till after the holidays to see how much money they have left to put down on a new vehicle? 

I look forward to hearing from everyone and seeing how and what you said to help your customers and set more appointments. Once again Happy Holidays!

Thank You,
Kristy Ehmann
Dealer Synergy

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