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  • Marsh,

    I'm attempting to observe "No Shave November" for cancer....At this rate, no one will even notice until I complete "Don't Shave December" AND "Just Let it Grow January"!!!!!   LOL!!!

  • Great post !!

    Whether it is High gross or Closest spread retaining the internet price  ??  Value building & feature benefit selling are the same today as yesterday !!  Show me a salesman that retains the  Internet price at closing??   Then I'll show you a salesman that knows their product, understands the customers needs, &  understands the buying mentality of todays customer !   It's not the asking price Mr. Customer's the "Internet Sale Price" which a great value for you today !!

  • Good video. Each car is an investment just like a stock. View the ROI and yield of each investment. However, I will say that even with transparency, gross profit and volume are not mutually exclusive terms. It's what we do to make us different and more valuable to the customer that can determine gross profit. Good example is Starbucks. Remember that price cutting is a self inflicted wound! 

  • That s great how many stores still price their cars up 3-4k no matter what the market price is then sit on the inventory and complain that it isn't moving and end up transacting at the price they should have started with or less?
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