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I would like to start off by saying “Happy Holidays". I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful holiday season.

The "Holiday Season" is in full effect and the end of the year approaching quickly, I am hoping all of you are using this time of the year to your benefit. This is the best time of the year to set and close more appointments than any other month of the calendar year. Customer's are in "Shopping/Buying" mode during the holidays so use this mentality to your advantage!!

With that being said, my question to each "Phone Ninja" out there is this.....


-  What issue/objection are you hearing customers say most and trying to overcome? 

-  How and what rebuttal have you been using to overcome these objections?

In order to make this a little more interesting and to generate some feedback, I would like to make this a little contest. We are going to judge who came up with the best, well thought out rebuttal and give away a holiday prize!   

So please take a moment and think of each call you have taken and decide what is the most common objection you’re dealing with on a daily basis and how have you effectively overcame this objection. Is it the customer who is waiting till tax time to purchase a new vehicle?  Is it the customer who has to wait till after the holidays to see how much money they have left to put down on a new vehicle? 

I look forward to hearing from everyone and seeing how and what you said to help your customers and set more appointments. Once again Happy Holidays!

Thank You,
Kristy Ehmann
Dealer Synergy

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  • Hey Kristy! 


    Lately we have been getting a lot of people telling us that they are waiting until after the holidays to even think about purchasing a car.  My latest rebuttle is " I understand that this is a hectic time of year for most people, myself included.  I would just hate for you to miss out on our year end clearance because you didnt have 20 minutes to come spend with us.  We understand that your time is important, so wouldnt it be worth 20 minutes if I could get you the best deal available?

  • Hey Kristy, thank you and the team there at Dealersynergy for all the training you have given us. I have been in this buisness for 7 years and been to many different training courses and i have to say that the training from you and your team has been by far the best experience and i look very forward to training more with you in the future. I have learned over the years that every customer is different in there wants and needs. Most of the customers that i come in contact with on a daily basis are out-of-towners and what i have come to notice is there biggest objection is driving so far to come to our dealership. When this comes in to play the most used rebuttal that i use would be " Despite the distance i am glad you called us here at Gary Mathews of Jackson, and i can assure you that our dealership goes above and beyond to make it worth the trip, and work hard to not make it an "all day process". I can also appoint you directly with our Sales Manager and make sure he knows when to expect you, so we don't waste any time once you get here." This rebuttal has helped me close alot of out of town appointments. I also have noticed that alot of the customers i speak with have less than perfect credit and worried about getting financed for a vehilce. This is an objection that we deal with everyday with customers. I usally try to keep them informed that we have over 300 vehilces in our inventory so finding something to fit in their budget range wont be an issue, i also try to make sure that i inform them that Although credit is an issue, it is not an obstacle here at Gary Mathews! Believe it or not, most of America does not have perfect credit for some reason or another. Everyone has bad times or events that happen in life, and we are still prepared to help. I have had issuses and bad times myself that has put me in that percentage of people. But let me assure you that myself and our dealership will work with all 50+ of our lenders to get you the best approval and terms in your situation, and the best way to get you re-established is with an auto loan. Like i stated before i have been in this buisness for about 7 years and i have spoken with numerous of customers with different objections, but since i have been training with your company i have learned how to deal with them on a daily basis. Again, thank you to you and your team for all your help and i look very forward to more in the future.

  • Kristy Thank you and Andy and the team their with Dealersynergy all the training with you guys has been a great experience and I look forward to more training. I speak with alot of customers on a daily basis and the best rebuttal that has helped me set the appointment has been Bad/Credit. With the economy the way it is, it's very hard to keep an A+ credit score. We have alot of customers that come to Gary Mathews that have "bumps and bruises" in their credit. I assure  them we have an experienced finance team, as well as a wide variety of vechicles, which allows us to put the deal together that other dealerships may have problems making. It is so nice to just be down to earth with customers and assure them we really want to earn their business. Thanks agin for the Rebuttals

  • First off thanks so much for you guys training, it has helped tremendously ! Second, I have alot of people asking me about credit issues and I usually would always say " credit is not an issue, here at hollingsworth richards we have several programs for people with less than perfect credit and our staff will work as hard as they can to get you into a vehicle so if you can just come in and bring the required documents we can get started on your application. " BUT now you awesome people at dealer synergy have given us the credit rebuttals and now I have several to choose from ! My favorite one is although credit is an issue, it is not an obstacle! let me assure you that we have dealt with plenty of customers that have less than perfect credit and it may not be as bad as you think. We have lenders that we send deals to everyday and they have worked with us to put together some difficult deals in the past and i am sure we can work hard to do the same for you . We have only had these rebuttals for a few weeks but they have made a big difference in getting my customers minds off of their credit !!! Thanks so much for your help and I am happy to have your training to help me be the best "phone ninja"  I can be !

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