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Edmunds pays $10k to make Dealers their "Bit€h"

Edmunds just announced their Hackomotive 2014 contest where folks come up with ideas on how to improve the car buying process etc., and as a former employee I was initially excited to see this but within 60 seconds something caught my eye that was disappointing.

Last year's #1 Winner - My Motive which paints the picture that up until now the Dealer has made the consumer their "Bitch" yes, that's in there, and that this new My Motive lets the consumer turn the tables and finally make the Dealer their "Bitch" (yes it really says that).

Why does this bother me so much? We'll frankly because I was with them and helped launch their direct to dealer program and when I went to work there I remember in my interview saying: "I've been a dealer and for years we really haven't had much love for Edmunds so how are you going to fix that because, as a dealer, I need to know you're there for me if I buy your program."

My boss at the time shared the vision of Edmunds still maintaining their integrity with consumers but not really being focused on creating more content like 'confessions of a car salesman' anymore.

I bought into the idea that they would finally respect the dealer community and helped enroll well over 100 dealerships in their program in my first year with them.

Apparently I was wrong about their true motives and if all of this doesn't tick you off as a dealer, you need to get your head examined.

You can see the award of $10,000 they paid for a 1st place idea in hackomotive 2013 right here

If you don't want to click over to their site, here are actual screen shots (Note - I've added the arrows and comments on the side)

In my not so humble opinion, vendors should work to help Dealers do two things: Get and Keep Customers. Rewarding a "Make the dealer my bitch" idea only furthers what many already believe about Edmunds.

Simply put, they don't care about your dealership, they only want your money and behind the scenes they're all still high fiving each other when they disrespect the dealer.

In this case, the high-five had a $10,000 bonus.

What's the best idea for 2014 going to be: "F@€K Dealers, buy direct from Edmunds" ?!?!?

I'd love to hear your feedback and please everyone, share this with other dealers ASAP but really I have a question for everyone seeing this:


Helping the best get better,
Mat Koenig
CEO & Founder
KonigCo & iCarMedia

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  • We better train & learn  to handle it online & in the showroom cause it's not going away !!  It's the Elephant in the room that's too big to shove out the showroom door.  It's also a cultural trend in sensationalized electronic & all  media in general  !  Truth or not ...they make it about $$ & they  make it dirty !! If they do,  then they  get clicks...then turn around & use the clicks to sell it to the next sucker !! 

    More importantly,  don't let it knock you off your game.  If we stick with what we know is true & show the customer  real value & build the relationship with them ...That bitch goes away rather quickly !!

    Edmonds is just like the dealer down the road bashing you & your store with BS...For 31 years I have overcome the same type of negative selling by a professional presentation &  treating them with integrity.  I  then move to the  strengths of my product & dealership !!    Besides ,  if  my  customer's only interest is in me being their bitch ...they came to the wrong party !!

  • No problem great post.  Continued demonization of our business.  First from customers then media and know the ones we depend on for help.  This is a tough business only a few are cut out for it.  I will continue to be a great salesperson, help the customer make the right choice for their needs and ask for the business repeatedly.  Waving like a wheatfield never leads to success.  Stay true to the ones who support you and your abilities things will be fine.

  • Thanks for the comment James. I agree. I spent 12 years on the retail side before coming to the Vendor side and at and Edmunds, I was tasked with helping them 'understand the dealer' because none of the senior staff (those who set the vision) had ever worked in the actual dealership. It absolutely sucks to see companies make millions from the same dealerships that they are disrespecting behind closed doors. 

    They tell dealers to be transparent, foster relationships, put the customer first, etc., but they don't practice what they preach. We saw it with this year selling inventory to CarGurus and their and sites that bash dealers and now this with Edmunds.

    My company is small, but we generate enough revenue and we don't bad mouth dealers to the consumer to do it. 

    Please be sure to share this post with everyone you know brother.

  • Yep.  Comes from the top with these vendors.  Guys who were never in this business or unsuccessful at it.  Keeping the contentious relationship going between customer and dealer. 

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