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Have You "EMI'd" Lately?

Have You "EMI'd" Lately?


Calling for my hero, my mentor, my first manager.

Way back when, on Dec 19th 1980, I got my first start. It was with Kearney Mesa VW & Peugeot in sunny San Diego, California. Rick Rodriquez, or “Rickyyyyyy” as I called him every time I needed help, jumpstarted my career in the auto industry.

Rickyyyy! Do we have this?

Rickyyyy! Do we have that?

Rickyyyy! Where is this? How much is that? What do I do now?

You get the point.

But Rick never ignored my persistent requests. Not only that, he was always there with a smile, always polite, and always to the rescue.

Of course my customers always appreciated me calling for Rick’s expertise. Granted, some were a little frustrated with my broken English, but Rick’s willingness to help me always impressed them.

“Yes, Danny” he would say, and then immediately greeted the customer:

“Hello and thank you for coming in! You are in excellent hands with Danny.” The customers and I could both tell this was to build my confidence, which had an excellent effect on the customers, and an even better one on me. “Danny will show you around and hopefully find you exactly what you are looking for.”

And that was my cue! I promised to take care of the rest, and after a couple trials and errors…

“Rickyyyy! They like this one!”

I sold my first car! A 1980 Dasher Diesel, earning me my first commission of $132.00.

From there, it only went up. My English got better, my commissions got higher, and Rickyyyy got a whole lot busier trying to keep up with me.

EMI (Early Manager Introduction) was a cornerstone in my foundation as a young salesman, and continues to be a cornerstone in every sales environment I am involved in.

Would you try EMI today?

Shortly after meeting a new prospect on your showroom floor, after personal connection and before going to product selection, just wave to your manager and call for your “Rickyyy”!

…Or whatever his or her name may be!

Note: If you are going to try EMI, be sure to:

-       Look for/create the perfect moment.

-       Don’t make an announcement, Just do it.

-       Invite the manager to come to you. Don’t go to him/her.

-       Introduce the customer first & the reason for the visit.

-       Introduce the manager and pay him/her a compliment.

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  • Good stuff! You will definely help us hit some "HOMERUNS" with customer satisfaction by implementing this techinique in our showroom. 

  • Got to agree with that.  It is a warm greeting for the customer.  

  • great advice. soft t.o. goes a long way towards breaking down the stereo typical last moment price hammer.

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