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How To Have An Effective Pre-Roll

Many of us while watching a video online experience a form of tunnel vision waiting for the “skip” button to appear.  As advertisers, we have approximately 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention. So, how do we do it?

First things first, understand and accept that almost no one wants to watch your ad. They’re on the site for a video, not a mini commercial. You need to create engaging content that will hold the viewer’s attention. Leave out how long you’ve been in business, while that’s great to know, it is not suited for pre-roll.

Another aspect that you need to understand is that pre-roll is not the same as a commercial. Commercials are much longer and you are able to squeeze in a lot of engaging information about your sales event. It is never best practice to run your commercial as a pre-roll video. By doing so, you have lost the viewer, and they have forgotten all about you. You need to convey your product in a way that will grab them and get them to come to you. Most people become engaged when you have an enticing message showing “what’s in it for them”. Remember, you need them; they can shop and buy anywhere. How will it benefit me to come to you?

Once you are able to grab their attention and they visit your website, make sure your message is consistent. Everything about your content needs to match, it may seem like a small detail, but it is extremely important. Treat it like storytelling; if you were to jump from the beginning to the end, leaving out the middle, you are likely to cause confusion.

In short, understand what it is you are trying to do and trying to accomplish. You want the click to your website, the call to your dealership, a customer visiting, and, purchasing from your dealership. For more tips and strategies, please, contact us today, we would love to continue the conversation with you!

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