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Rules and Regulations for the BDC:

I have established rules and regulations for the BDC Center so it s understood what qualifies them as credit to the internet department and the sales floor has a clear understanding where and how this customer came into the showroom. This also gives trust and understanding to each internet representative and the sales team. The rules help with the double dipping on leads.


Prior 72 hours when a BDC Rep. receives contact through email or a phone it is the BDC representatives leads

After 72 hours if the customer responds in either a mass email or decides to call in the new BDC does all the work, then the new BDC gets the credit

If a phone up comes in and the BDC has had a response from the customer then it’s the original BDC Rep gets the credit.  Need to develop a team environment.

If there is no contact through phone or email for 30 days then the record is open for any BDC

There must be a complete explanation in the notes of the CRM higher gear on what is going on with the customer.  If there is not an accurate notation the manager has the right to decide what BDC rep deserves credit of lead, if any.

If customer comes in and does not make an appointment, but you have had contact with that customer the appointment will be the original BDC rep.

On the daily log, if there is an appointment made be the salesperson it is the salesperson appointment.  NO BDC Rep is to take a salesperson appointment and make it theirs.

Cannot make an appointment when car is already sold or has a deposit taken

Etc…Each representative signs and understands these rules and regulations so there are no questions of what is being paid on or gets credit for.  Each Rep is responsible for handing there leads on the week bonus and commissions.

I use the method of SMART goals (retrieved from: to help me establish my goals and objectives for my BDC team.

*Well defined
*Clear to anyone that has a basic knowledge of the project

*Know if the goal is obtainable and how far away completion is
*know when it has been achieved

Agreed upon
*Agreement with all the stakeholders what the goals should be

*Within the availability of resources, knowledge and time

Time Based
*Enough time to achieve the goal
*Not too much time, which can affect project performance


Get everyone to your website!  All advertising should bring customers directly to the dealer website.  Use as little 3rd party vendors as possible.  Less is more. The more contact and rapport you create with a customer the more loyal and trust worthy we become as a dealer. I work with six franchises and I found that the more you can control where you send your customers for information the closing percentage is much higher since you are guiding them to where you want them to go.

We have learned to use SEO/SEM on our website to our advantage. We have a very strong closing percentage from our SEO leads.  We are now tapping into Adwords marketing which I feel will be a strong push for our internet leads this quarter.

Current lead providers:
Auto trader

Since I have started with this organization and implemented my process and procedures for the BDC this organizations numbers from the internet department 2010 to 2011 have shown a 41% increase.  The stores are not highway stores and have now relied on our department for 40-45% of monthly sales, not added units.

  • Year 2010 internet deals  425 
    year 2011 internet deals  601

41% increase

Jenna Dellanno
Business Development Manager
Ray Price Auto Group

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