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A good social media advertising campaign (or any marketing campaign at all, for that matter) should be guided by science. Testing, monitoring, adjusting, and testing again are the cornerstones of a good marketing strategy.

Much of what we do in the car business comes with assumptions. We do things that we have known from past experience to be successful. Sometimes, we have to take those assumptions and adjust them to modern sentiment, trends, and technologies. Other times we have to take those assumptions and throw them out the window.

Below are 6 images. These images were built to plug into a single Facebook advertising campaign designed to drive traffic to the website. The wording of the ad was the same across the board. The budget was a strong one and the activity was left in the hands of the Facebook algorithm to serve the ads based upon activity and popularity.

Look at the images and come to a conclusion in your mind which one yielded the most clicks to the website. The orange section represents where the logo is. Keep in mind that the wording of the ad was generally geared towards Chevrolet - no model indicators were used in the ad other than the image. Given this limited amount of information, which do you think performed the best and yielded the most clicks to the inventory for the dealership?

1. Red Camaro

2. Tahoe

3. Black Camaro

4. Keys

5. Silverado

6. Corvette

Think you have the right answer? I'll tell you up front - it wasn't even close. The ad that performed the best had more than double the click-thru rate in the first few hours. After it started going, it ended up with more than 3 times the clicks of all of the other images combined.

If you have an answer, like this post and comment with which one you think performed the best in the ads. One name will be drawn from the correct answers before the end of the month. If you're a dealer, you'll get a cool prize in the form of some sort of service from Dealer Authority. If you're a vendor, we'll reward you with a contextual followed link to your website from a PageRank 5 site (great for SEO, and if a dealer wins and would prefer that, they can take it instead).

Who's up for the challenge?

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STOP Believing The B.S. About Your Internet Sales Department Or BDC NOT Being Able To Make A Minimum Of 120 Calls Per Day Per Rep!

Most dealerships on a daily basis hear excuses from their Internet Sales Department, BDC or their Sales Team in regards to how many phone calls they can ACTUALLY make in a day. I have said it for almost 15 years that an Internet Sales Coordinator, BDC Rep AKA an appointment setter can and should make a MINIMUM of 120 calls per day. BOTTOM LINE, PERIOD but YET, there are dealers that ALLOW their employees to be COMPLACENT in MEDIOCRITY. That is right… they ALLOW Mediocrity. Please watch these videos over and over again. PLEASE go to the search bar on this site and search "Power Hour". This is NOT the first time I have done this and VIDEO RECORDED THE RESULTS. It happens ALL THE TIME!!

All I have to do is put up a $100 Bill… tape it to the wall and BOOM!!!! I SHATTER THE Mediocrity. I shatter the myth that they can't make all of those calls… I SHATTER their FEAR THAT THEY CAN'T do it. BOOM!

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW Mediocrity in your stores or in your life.

If you would like to discuss this video or how I can help you obliterate Mediocrity in your Internet Sales Department, BDC or Showroom. Please feel free to call me or email me-

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Congratulations Kristen Buckley For Winning The Internet Sales 20 Group's "Best Idea Contest" $1,000 CASH Prize Sponsored By Dealertrack Technologies

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Facebook Contest

There's a trend on Facebook that simply won't die. Many dealership pages continue to offer giveaways, contests, and even "exclusive" games on Facebook in order to get more fans. It has been proven over and over again to be ineffective at getting targeted, high-quality fans but there seems to be an insistence on continuing it in order to bulk up the numbers.

The problem with this is that it actually hurts a page more than it helps, especially for localized businesses.

The example above demonstrates a "popular" dealership page that has over 250,000 fans. In 14 hours, it's been able to accumulate three likes and likely a handful of clicks, but the important thing to note is that it leads to an app that forces people to like the page in order to play the game and have a chance to win a million dollars or an iPad Mini. This cannot be stated more clearly - you do not want people to like your page because they think they're going to win something or get to play a game. The people that like the page for these reasons will not be engaged. They're not interested in your content. They aren't there to buy a product. They're on you page to try to win something or to play a game.

It's important to understand what this does to the page. The Facebook algorithm is very picky when it comes to presenting business page Facebook posts on news feeds. Every negative action as well as non-actions count against your posts' likelihood to be seen. It's not just the people who hit "hide" or "report" on your posts. They are bad enough, but the people who simply pass over your posts are also counting against your future posts' abilities to be visible on news feeds. Every time someone sees a post and scrolls right passed it without liking, commenting, clicking through, or sharing the post, they are less likely to see future posts... as are their friends.

The Facebook algorithm is designed to reward authenticity. It's made to allow their users to be presented with the content that they are most likely to enjoy, which means that for a business page to "coax" people into liking their page is a localization disaster.

Posts should be real. They should be designed to encourage engagement and to offer people what they expect to see. If they like a business page because they want to see things that the business knows about (such as information about their business and industry) as well as special deals that can come to them as a result of being a fan, then that's exactly what they should be delivered. It's the type of content that will get them more engaged and help them to spread that engagement to their own friends. Using contests or giveaways to bribe people into liking a page demonstrates an obvious misunderstanding of how the algorithm works and how Facebook itself can be useful for a local business.

There is, however, one type of contest or giveaway that can be effective. It's the type that rewards local people for visiting the business itself. These types of giveaways and contests can be golden. It would take a couple of blog posts to go into details about how these types of contests and giveaways work, but the important thing to remember is that a giveaway or contest should be an incentive for physical visits, not to try to accumulate worthless Facebook fans.

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Fun idea to throw out there and we have been having HUGE success with. 

Whatever city your dealership is from, check out the next sporting event that is set to play. For us, we are in a NY/PHI market so I can alter the search either way. But for conversations sake, lets use the Yankees. Tonight they play the Royals at 7:05. 

Create a Facebook Post with the Yankees saying "Pine Belt Nissan Game of the Week! Yankees vs Royals. Pick tonight's winner and predict the score and the winner will receive a $150 gas card! It's as easy as Pick, Like, Share, and Win!"

Take 15 bucks out of your pocket and promote this post. You will be amazed at the results! People LOVE this. I also take this a step further... I will conquest our competitors cities. 

Below is an example of our last contest. No one guessed the score and there was not a winner... But the end result was amazing.

In total we generated 12 shares, 51 likes, and 50 comments. It cost our dealership 15 dollars, no one won the gas card, and we were able to market in 4 of our top competitors cities. I made the age range 25-55 and it made for a very successful event.

Try it out. Low cost way to get your name out there and have fun with the public. 

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Sean V is paying me!!!!


 My name is Robert Wiesman, a true front line automotive sales professional. I have roughly about a year and a half in this business and if want to be a six figure player YOU NEED TO INVEST AND TREAT THIS LIKE YOUR OWN business!! I can not stress that enough! Everybody knows it, everybody says it, but hardly any one really does it! I do!!


Invest in yourself

1. Look good

2. Drive what you sell

3.Training materials, role play everyday and when you get home with your signifigant other, buy any books, audio, dvd and virtual training you can get your hands on, Derek Jeter hits the batting cage daily, if you are a pro you should as well.

4.Dominate social media, custom pages, solid informative content. You can not post too much.

5. Brand yourself. Look at Build yourself as a brand and keep it in front of people.(Not going to give away all my secrets.

6. Your own website. Make yourself stand out to your clients as a true professional. 'Before we get together sir take a moment and check out my web page to learn a little more about the services I provide. Helps with credibilty. Keep it posted consistently with strong information that will make it a resource for car buyers.

7.YouTube Channel. Consistently record informative videos that give great information on one of life's biggest accomplishments buying a new car. Service tips, specials, up keep, performance, etc.

8.Prospecting tools. Keep your name in front of as many people as possible. Stickers with your information on them in the door jams and gas cap, pens of course drop them off at every bar, restaurant, etc. magnets for the refridgerator, insurance/registration card holders with your information on it, referral cards with your bird dog program on it,brochure with your information and a brief desription of the services you provide. I use many more and I am determined to stay on every ones mind and stay in front of as many people as I possibly can.

9.Marketing. Treat yourself like you are the dealer. Utilize SEO, VSEO, old school but effective is ads in local magazines ad newspapers. Radio is still solid but what is even better is being a guest on a local talk radio show as an "auto expert". I can not stress how important it is to brand yourself and keep your name buzzing and on the tip of everyones tongue. I am not going to give you all my creative ideas.

10. Technology. Maximize and utilize all this amazing technology. The iPhone and iPad have some great tools to run your business more efficently. This is 2012 baby it's time you joined us!


There are many other ways to invest in yourself and YOUR business. It really is your business so why would you even think for one second you do not need to invest in it? Treat you as if you are the dealer, the entity. Become a house hold brand, that is a automotive professional that geniunely cares about others vehicle needs.

The few ideas I listed above will plant many seeds and if done on a consistent basis will turn into many many deals that come to the showroom asking for YOU!!!!

Put your money where your mouth is!


Robert Wiesman


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Rules and Regulations for the BDC:

I have established rules and regulations for the BDC Center so it s understood what qualifies them as credit to the internet department and the sales floor has a clear understanding where and how this customer came into the showroom. This also gives trust and understanding to each internet representative and the sales team. The rules help with the double dipping on leads.


Prior 72 hours when a BDC Rep. receives contact through email or a phone it is the BDC representatives leads

After 72 hours if the customer responds in either a mass email or decides to call in the new BDC does all the work, then the new BDC gets the credit

If a phone up comes in and the BDC has had a response from the customer then it’s the original BDC Rep gets the credit.  Need to develop a team environment.

If there is no contact through phone or email for 30 days then the record is open for any BDC

There must be a complete explanation in the notes of the CRM higher gear on what is going on with the customer.  If there is not an accurate notation the manager has the right to decide what BDC rep deserves credit of lead, if any.

If customer comes in and does not make an appointment, but you have had contact with that customer the appointment will be the original BDC rep.

On the daily log, if there is an appointment made be the salesperson it is the salesperson appointment.  NO BDC Rep is to take a salesperson appointment and make it theirs.

Cannot make an appointment when car is already sold or has a deposit taken

Etc…Each representative signs and understands these rules and regulations so there are no questions of what is being paid on or gets credit for.  Each Rep is responsible for handing there leads on the week bonus and commissions.

I use the method of SMART goals (retrieved from: to help me establish my goals and objectives for my BDC team.

*Well defined
*Clear to anyone that has a basic knowledge of the project

*Know if the goal is obtainable and how far away completion is
*know when it has been achieved

Agreed upon
*Agreement with all the stakeholders what the goals should be

*Within the availability of resources, knowledge and time

Time Based
*Enough time to achieve the goal
*Not too much time, which can affect project performance


Get everyone to your website!  All advertising should bring customers directly to the dealer website.  Use as little 3rd party vendors as possible.  Less is more. The more contact and rapport you create with a customer the more loyal and trust worthy we become as a dealer. I work with six franchises and I found that the more you can control where you send your customers for information the closing percentage is much higher since you are guiding them to where you want them to go.

We have learned to use SEO/SEM on our website to our advantage. We have a very strong closing percentage from our SEO leads.  We are now tapping into Adwords marketing which I feel will be a strong push for our internet leads this quarter.

Current lead providers:
Auto trader

Since I have started with this organization and implemented my process and procedures for the BDC this organizations numbers from the internet department 2010 to 2011 have shown a 41% increase.  The stores are not highway stores and have now relied on our department for 40-45% of monthly sales, not added units.

  • Year 2010 internet deals  425 
    year 2011 internet deals  601

41% increase

Jenna Dellanno
Business Development Manager
Ray Price Auto Group

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One of my biggest secrets to bringing customers back into our showroom is my Customer Relations person.  They are part of my BDC crew but her title is Customer Relations Representative.  This is our way as a dealership to separate ourselves from the salesmanship mentality, giving a customer to trust that they are speaking with someone who wants to know how their visit went.  Many dealers have their salespeople or sales manager make the next day thank you for visiting call but we have our Customer Relations Representative contact our unsold showroom traffic.  I found in my experiences that when a sales manager and or a salesperson made those  follow up next day calls customers do simple one liners such as “still looking”,  “not in the market”, or “I will call you”.  With my customer relations person they take out the threat of a sales tactic.  The customer truly gets the feeling our dealership wants to know how their visit went and if they had any additional questions.  Many times it opens the flood gates as to how poor our salesman were or how they did not like the sales managers attitude.  More often though, many express on how they did not receive enough for their trade and we were not able to get to the payments they wanted.  With those statements from our customer triggers my Customer relations person to ask appropriate questions such as:  I’m sorry to hear that we were not able to get to where you wanted to be, but if we could re visit your deal with my sales manager and get to your number or close to it will you come back into our dealership?   Majority say yes of course, then I the BDC Manager receives the deal, takes a look at what and how the customer was treated and find out why our sales floor did not sell the customer when they had been in the showroom.  I then negotiate with my sales manager to either push the trade or take off on the sales price that was presented to the customer.  The Customer Relations person is to handle all unsold traffic floor ups and internet ups.

Some Customer examples:

Example 1:

A customer had come into our showroom and was greeted by a salesperson just as they always do.  Customer wanted to be at a certain price on one of our used cars and the sales manager would not agree to sell the car at that point to the customer for the price they wanted.  My customer relations person called to find out how their visit went.  The customer expressed that the dealer was not willing to negotiate and that she wanted to be at a particular price out the door. They had been waiting for a call back from the salesperson which they had still not received.  My customer relations person asked what car they were working on and the number they needed to be at, the customer expressed concern as how are you going to help me if I was already at your dealership and they were not willing to do anything then.  The customer relations person response was my sales manager re visits the deal and that if we can get you to the price on that car you will come back in?  Since a relationship was developed with the customer relations person they found out the problem as to why she need to be at a certain price it was because she was approved through her credit union and wanted to purchase that car with them but we had been able to get her a better interest rate and to put the difference of our price of $265 dollars on her credit card we could make the deal happen. We didn’t do anymore on the price, but since the relationship was built and found out more details as a non salesperson we had been able to convince her of purchasing the vehicle with us and not changing the sales price.


A customer had little and not much credit pretty much a ghost is how they described them.  The sales manager did not waste too much time with them and expressed that we were not able to get them financed. Once my customer relations person had followed up and discussed what happen during their visit my representative was able to discover that a family member could provide $10,000 towards a purchase of a car and was able to come back down and bought one of our pre -owned car. 

Example 3:

A customer’s vehicle choice of trim and model had to be located from another dealer.  The particular salesperson they had in the showroom avoided locates at all costs.  Once my customer relations person was able to talk with the customer so much information was collected they were able to find out that we need another salesperson to work this deal so we could find the car for this customer and sell it. 

Below are some word tracks, scripts, and follow up process ideas:

Unsold Showroom Follow up Contact

1 day after visit                        Phone- BDC Thank you for visiting

2 day after visit            Phone/email- BDC if did not contact 1st day after visit attempt another call- then unsold email

3 day after visit            Phone- BDC Thank you for visiting

7 day after visit            Phone- BDC Thank you for visiting- depending on previous contact

21 day after visit          Phone- Are you still interested in make or model? Depending on previous contact-

Schedule appropriate phone/email based off the follow contact above- you are responsible for assigning your phone calls where you see appropriate

1 Day after visit (phone)

BDC Rep:  Hi, may I please speak with (customer name)

Customer:  This is (customer name)

BDC Rep:  Hi, (customer name), this is (BDC Rep name) from the customer relations department at Ray Price (make) the reason for my call is to thank you for visiting our showroom and to make sure your questions have been answered and  to see how your visit had went with (salesperson).

If yes: Great, do you have an idea of when you would be visiting or seeing (salesperson) again?  Is there a message I can relay to him to help assist in your buying process?

Voicemail message:

If no: (This is where you may find out if the customer liked or disliked the sales representative, bring to  appropriate managers attention for this customer service situation to be handled)
              If customer does not want to work with Salesperson, offer alternative solutions such as:
            Working with another salesperson
            Working directly with a sales manager
If resistance: explain that we are looking for any feedback that could help us improve how they were treated in the sales department. It’s important to our dealership that we know how to improve.

More options for a process:

Unsold Traffic:

Guidelines to Succeed in Unsold Showroom traffic

  1. Reconcile daily to make sure the up count matches the number logged. It’s important to make sure all customers had been logged the previous day by the sales representatives or sales managers.


  1. BDC handles the call as customer relations call, BDC has a strong sense of confidence and belief towards the customer so customer show that we care here to assist on any situation


  1. BDC handles all objection and issues regarding the customers visit in the showroom, and brings the issues good/bad to the BDC/General Manager

Process for Unsold

Next day follow up call is to ask customer how visit went, if a message is left assign again later that day- Do not leave message on 2nd attempt. If cannot reach by phone send unsold email

Day 3: make an attempt for call but do not leave a message, only one message should be left with in a 72 hour period especially if the salesperson has called the customer.

Day 5: Watch the salespersons follow up; make sure that salesperson has not yet already talked with customer

Depending on what happened after day 1-3 will determine follow up for next steps

If customer is not sure of when they are ready to purchase:
Follow up calls every 5 days up to 30 days
After 31 days call once a month
If left message during this process use to your best knowledge of appropriate follow up

If customer bought elsewhere, transfer to BDC manager so it can be kept track of

IF customer has email address:
Next day: Unsold email
3 Day: KIT email
5 Day: (email) Incentive?
7 Day: Unsold Email
12 Day: KIT email BDC
Once a month, KIT email

Jenna Dellanno
Business Development Manager
Ray Price Auto Group

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I am GIVING AWAY $1,000 CASH… (Again!)



I am so thankful for being a Car Salesman. I can NOT imagine what my life would have been if I never stepped foot onto that showroom floor and took a chance selling cars. I went from being a BROKE College Drop Out to owning a Multi-Million Dollar Company in such a short time. I love this business because of how successful we can ALL be, if we applied ourselves. “Millionaire Car Salesman”, I would NEVER have thought it possible. This business is simple… What you put into it is what you are going to get out of it.

I recently have been giving CASH away to my clients who have been successful, who have applied themselves, who have earned it. As a matter of fact today I will be announcing a winner of $1,000 CASH to an Automotive Internet Sales Coordinator (An Appointment Setter / BDC Rep). There were NO strings attached. I simply wanted to see who was the BEST Dealer Synergy Coordinator in the country and the winner would (And will) receive $1,000 CASH! 

So, I had ANOTHER idea… I spoke to Susan Givens, the Publisher of AutoSuccess Magazine and we have decided to create a FUN Contest for AutoSuccess readers. We are going to be giving away $1,000 CASH to a Lucky Reader! Why would we do this you ask? Simple… Because we can J We are blessed to be in this industry and to have achieved so much success. We want to spread the love.

Here is what we are looking for… We want to try to HELP Automotive Sales Professionals BE MORE SUCCESSFUL!!! So, we are looking for ideas, thoughts, tips, secrets, best practices, examples, websites, objections / rebuttals,  mobile apps, habits, ANYTHING & EVERTHING you can think of to be successful in Automotive Sales, etc…

Please send your emails, videos, links etc… to Susan Givens from AutoSuccess and I will BOTH review every one of the entries and choose the “Best Success Idea / Strategy” and we will publish the winner in the following issue of AutoSuccess Magazine with an interview as well as their “Best Idea / Strategy” of course.

Please remember, we are NOT just trying to throw $1,000 cash away for nothing. We are not showing off, that money isn’t an issue. As a matter of fact, believe it or not but this is coming out of our pocket. There are NO Sponsors, No reimbursements etc… This is what it is. A real contest. We all know that out of the hundreds of thousands of automotive sales professionals in this country, some are truly successful and others are not so successful. There has got to be a reason, actually there are a lot of reasons but I want to FOCUS on JUST one of those reasons… Information! Some people truly might NOT know HOW to be successful. They were NEVER taught, they never believed they could, they were never trained, motivated, mentored etc… I want to help as many people as I can and I know Susan as well as the rest of the AutoSuccess team want to do the same. So, please when you submit your entry for a chance to win this contest please remember what the end result in mind is… Synergistic Success.  Explain what your idea, strategy, secret, tip, best practice, website, resource, mobile app, objections / rebuttals, “What If” Answers,  etc… is AND WHY you think it is so important, why it makes YOU truly successful. Please try to provide any examples, any validation you can for this.

I am honesty looking forward to all of the entries. This is going to be fun and purposeful!

Good luck everyone. Please call or email me if you have ANY questions about this contest!

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Sean V. Bradley, CEO of Dealer Synergy is giving away $2,000 CASH FREE (NO B.S.) to the Lucky Winner(s) - Automotive Internet Sales

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Congratulations to Willis Automotive, located in Delaware for WINNING the "BEST Dealership Testimonial" Contest!!! We received a LOT of Video Testimonials from dealerships from different parts of the country and I have to tell you they were fun to watch!! Thank you for taking your time to make them and upload them.

Willis Automotive won $300!! I will make sure that Whitney Willis Snow send us a video when she gets her $300 :)

Here is the winning video -

Ok, Why did I create this contest and give away $300??? For a couple of reasons...

- First, I wanted to do something fun for the website and I know EVERYONE likes FREE Money so... :)

- I wanted to show how REALLY important Video Testimonials are and I know that just asking dealers to create them isn't enough... I / Dealers need to incentivize salesman and the internet team to create as many awesome videos as possible. It is VERY important that dealerships realize that what other people think about them and say about them is VERY important.

I was VERY pleased with the dealers that entered the contest... I was proud to see some of the dealerships go HEAVY into this project and upload a LOT of videos from their prospects / clients.

- I wanted to gauge the creativity of the videos... And I have to admit, there is a LOT of work to be done. I watched ALL the videos uploaded and noticed the same pattern... dealer after dealer. It seemed for a lot of the videos they did NOT have a strategy... a focus. I actually saw some videos where it seemed like the people did NOT want to be on video!! It is very clear that you all need to CREATE a strategy BEFORE you start to shoot the camera. Remember that there is a reason why people go online... every prospect has an expectation... what they are looking to accomplish. It is important that you "lead" the prospect / client if needed before you shoot the video. Take video testimonials on specific things like: Price, Availability, Convenience, Looking for a different way to do business, research etc... from a first time buyer, female perspective, credit challenged etc...

** Let the prospect or client talk. Try to slow down on the narration of ALL the videos...

- Make the videos FUN, interesting, passionate etc... Video is important but now a days video is all over... so you want to make your content interesting NOT just there.

All in all, this was a GREAT FIRST contest for the new AIS site!!

Thank you for all that participated and Congrats to Willis Automotive for winning the $300 prize!


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Automotive Internet Sales is GIVING AWAY FREE CASH MONEY... $300 (Out of our own pockets...) I have a CONTEST That I put together for you all!!

Contest Details -

We are looking for the BEST Customer Testimoniasl from your Dealership(s)!

Contest Rules -

You NEED to upload Customer Testimonials to (This Site :) AIS is looking for The Best Video... that doesn't simply mean the most expensive... It means we are looking for POWERFUL Testimonial videos that will actually influence people into wanting to vist / purchase from your particular dealership versus the competition.

AIS wants to see the diffferent types of Video Testimonials that you get... Are they for New Cars? Used Cars? Finance / Special Finance? Service / Body Shop etc... Female Buyers... etc...

AIS is looking for creativity and CONTENT!!

Contest Reason / Goals -

Here at AIS, we believe that VIDEO is SOOOO Important & We also believe that having AWESOME Prospect / Client testimonials that you can use in your marketing initiatives, your website(s), your email teamplates, your online reputation management strategy as well as SOCIAL MEDIA... Can seriously give you a competitive edge in your market. We decided to offer a $300 CASH contest to whoever uploads the "Best" Dealership Testimonial video to AIS. This is a GREAT way for us to teach & learn from each other in this community.

Contest Time (Start / End) -

Contest has officially started and it will officially END November 23rd 2010

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