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Congratulations Kristen Buckley For Winning The Internet Sales 20 Group's "Best Idea Contest" $1,000 CASH Prize Sponsored By Dealertrack Technologies

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I am GIVING AWAY $1,000 CASH… (Again!)



I am so thankful for being a Car Salesman. I can NOT imagine what my life would have been if I never stepped foot onto that showroom floor and took a chance selling cars. I went from being a BROKE College Drop Out to owning a Multi-Million Dollar Company in such a short time. I love this business because of how successful we can ALL be, if we applied ourselves. “Millionaire Car Salesman”, I would NEVER have thought it possible. This business is simple… What you put into it is what you are going to get out of it.

I recently have been giving CASH away to my clients who have been successful, who have applied themselves, who have earned it. As a matter of fact today I will be announcing a winner of $1,000 CASH to an Automotive Internet Sales Coordinator (An Appointment Setter / BDC Rep). There were NO strings attached. I simply wanted to see who was the BEST Dealer Synergy Coordinator in the country and the winner would (And will) receive $1,000 CASH! 

So, I had ANOTHER idea… I spoke to Susan Givens, the Publisher of AutoSuccess Magazine and we have decided to create a FUN Contest for AutoSuccess readers. We are going to be giving away $1,000 CASH to a Lucky Reader! Why would we do this you ask? Simple… Because we can J We are blessed to be in this industry and to have achieved so much success. We want to spread the love.

Here is what we are looking for… We want to try to HELP Automotive Sales Professionals BE MORE SUCCESSFUL!!! So, we are looking for ideas, thoughts, tips, secrets, best practices, examples, websites, objections / rebuttals,  mobile apps, habits, ANYTHING & EVERTHING you can think of to be successful in Automotive Sales, etc…

Please send your emails, videos, links etc… to Susan Givens from AutoSuccess and I will BOTH review every one of the entries and choose the “Best Success Idea / Strategy” and we will publish the winner in the following issue of AutoSuccess Magazine with an interview as well as their “Best Idea / Strategy” of course.

Please remember, we are NOT just trying to throw $1,000 cash away for nothing. We are not showing off, that money isn’t an issue. As a matter of fact, believe it or not but this is coming out of our pocket. There are NO Sponsors, No reimbursements etc… This is what it is. A real contest. We all know that out of the hundreds of thousands of automotive sales professionals in this country, some are truly successful and others are not so successful. There has got to be a reason, actually there are a lot of reasons but I want to FOCUS on JUST one of those reasons… Information! Some people truly might NOT know HOW to be successful. They were NEVER taught, they never believed they could, they were never trained, motivated, mentored etc… I want to help as many people as I can and I know Susan as well as the rest of the AutoSuccess team want to do the same. So, please when you submit your entry for a chance to win this contest please remember what the end result in mind is… Synergistic Success.  Explain what your idea, strategy, secret, tip, best practice, website, resource, mobile app, objections / rebuttals, “What If” Answers,  etc… is AND WHY you think it is so important, why it makes YOU truly successful. Please try to provide any examples, any validation you can for this.

I am honesty looking forward to all of the entries. This is going to be fun and purposeful!

Good luck everyone. Please call or email me if you have ANY questions about this contest!

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Automotive Internet Sales is GIVING AWAY FREE CASH MONEY... $300 (Out of our own pockets...) I have a CONTEST That I put together for you all!!

Contest Details -

We are looking for the BEST Customer Testimoniasl from your Dealership(s)!

Contest Rules -

You NEED to upload Customer Testimonials to (This Site :) AIS is looking for The Best Video... that doesn't simply mean the most expensive... It means we are looking for POWERFUL Testimonial videos that will actually influence people into wanting to vist / purchase from your particular dealership versus the competition.

AIS wants to see the diffferent types of Video Testimonials that you get... Are they for New Cars? Used Cars? Finance / Special Finance? Service / Body Shop etc... Female Buyers... etc...

AIS is looking for creativity and CONTENT!!

Contest Reason / Goals -

Here at AIS, we believe that VIDEO is SOOOO Important & We also believe that having AWESOME Prospect / Client testimonials that you can use in your marketing initiatives, your website(s), your email teamplates, your online reputation management strategy as well as SOCIAL MEDIA... Can seriously give you a competitive edge in your market. We decided to offer a $300 CASH contest to whoever uploads the "Best" Dealership Testimonial video to AIS. This is a GREAT way for us to teach & learn from each other in this community.

Contest Time (Start / End) -

Contest has officially started and it will officially END November 23rd 2010

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