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Sean V. Bradley Wins The Auto Dealer Live Debate Against Alan Ram, Thanks The Dealers That Voted For Him & Elaborates On His Philosophy

** If you missed the Auto Dealer Live "Thrilla With Villa" Debate with Sean V. Bradley & Alan Ram, then watch the video below:

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Automotive Internet Sales Coordinators, BDC Reps, Appointments Setters MUST "TO" 100% Of The Time

I was onsite training a High-line Dealership's Internet Sales Department / BDC and shot this video for them and all of YOU.
I believe that the Internet Sales Coordinators, BDC Reps AKA The Appointment Setters should have a 100% "TO" Policy! Yes, I sometimes travel with the Dealer Synergy Video Production Team and a Green Screen LOL! Enjoy the video!! Sign Up Now!

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STOP Believing The B.S. About Your Internet Sales Department Or BDC NOT Being Able To Make A Minimum Of 120 Calls Per Day Per Rep!

Most dealerships on a daily basis hear excuses from their Internet Sales Department, BDC or their Sales Team in regards to how many phone calls they can ACTUALLY make in a day. I have said it for almost 15 years that an Internet Sales Coordinator, BDC Rep AKA an appointment setter can and should make a MINIMUM of 120 calls per day. BOTTOM LINE, PERIOD but YET, there are dealers that ALLOW their employees to be COMPLACENT in MEDIOCRITY. That is right… they ALLOW Mediocrity. Please watch these videos over and over again. PLEASE go to the search bar on this site and search "Power Hour". This is NOT the first time I have done this and VIDEO RECORDED THE RESULTS. It happens ALL THE TIME!!

All I have to do is put up a $100 Bill… tape it to the wall and BOOM!!!! I SHATTER THE Mediocrity. I shatter the myth that they can't make all of those calls… I SHATTER their FEAR THAT THEY CAN'T do it. BOOM!

PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW Mediocrity in your stores or in your life.

If you would like to discuss this video or how I can help you obliterate Mediocrity in your Internet Sales Department, BDC or Showroom. Please feel free to call me or email me-

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Dear Valued Partner,

As you may know, the FCC adopted changes to the rules under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA” ) that are going into effect October 16, 2013 for calls made to consumers on or after that date.

As a valued Autobytel dealer, we're reaching out to you to ensure that you're aware of these new rules so you can evaluate your practices and procedures for compliance when contacting consumers by voice communication or (SMS) text message.

In general, the changes to the TCPA rules require express prior written consent for each case in which a consumer is contacted for marketing or sales purposes by voice communication using an auto dialer or an automated message—or a system that has auto dialer capabilities, regardless of whether the feature is used in making calls to consumers. We understand it's possible you make calls to consumers, or that calls to consumers are made on your behalf by a call center or agency using a phone/phone system or other device or system with auto dialer capabilities. As such, we recommend you consider contacting consumers by means other than voice communication or (SMS) text message (e.g., email) to obtain express prior written consent in the future.

Please understand that the changes to the TCPA rules affect calls that are made to consumers effective October 16, 2013, regardless of when the consumer's phone number was obtained. Therefore, we recommend that any changes you make in consumer voice communications or (SMS) text message are effective prior to that date to ensure full TCPA compliance for calls or text messages on or after October 16.

This notice is sent as a courtesy and is not intended to provide a detailed description of the new rules (for example, the rules are somewhat different when calling wireless numbers vs. land lines). We strongly recommend that you consult with your legal advisors regarding the changes to the TCPA rules and your compliance with the new rules.

Thank you for your time. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with information about these important new developments. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly .


Tara Wagoner

Vice President, Dealer and Consumer Operations

Direct: 949-862-1350

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