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If you want to Sell MORE Cars…

Remember “Macro” Versus “Micro” 

The goal is to sell more cars, more often and more profitable. The question is how can we do this? How can we stack the deck in our favor to ensure consistent success? The answer is to sell on a Macro level versus a micro level. First, let me explain the difference between the two. “Micro” selling is the way the typical sales consultant sells… one deal at a time, working off of “Ups” or referrals. “Macro” selling is when you are able to sell multiple units at a time or sell to multiple people at a time. For example “Fleet” sales is a form of macro selling, if you have a company that wants to buy several units in one deal. Sometimes this might be better than selling one unit at a time and sometimes it’s not. You might be thinking how can you even say something like that Sean…? Simple, with a lot of “Fleet” deals, there might be multiple units getting delivered however; they are discounted or heavily discounted because the client is buying multiple units in one transaction. So, is it better to sell one unit at a $2,200 (total) gross or sell four units in one fleet transaction for a TOTAL gross of $4,000? That is a good argument. On one hand you are making $4,000 on the other hand you are obviously NOT maximizing on gross. Before I give you my opinion, I want to share with you some statistics that might BLOW YOUR MIND!

  • You have a six percent closing ratio off of OEM leads (Leads from your manufacturer)
  • You have an eight percent closing ratio from 3rd party leads… but remember that over 70+ percent of the leads you get from 3rd parties originates from search engine optimization and or search engine marketing
  • You have a 14-16 percent closing ratio from leads you generate through SEO and SEM initiatives and or from leads from your dealership website.

*** (Here is the MIND BLOWING PART)

  • On average you have a 27 percent closing ratio from membership buying services like:
    • Costco
    • BJs
    • Sam’s Club
    • AAA
    • Etc…
    • As a matter of fact Costco had a 35 percent closing ratio!

People believe that if they are in a “Membership Buying Program” they will get a better deal. Numbers do not lie. Most dealerships and most sales people sell the hardest way “One at a time”. There is a better way… “Macro Selling”.

What you need to do is start a “Membership Buying Program” for your dealership. Here is a very serious example of how I did this myself when I was a manager at a dealership in New Jersey. I created a membership buying program through my dealership for law enforcement. I worked with a company called www.njcops.comit is both a FREE newspaper as well as a website. It goes to EVERY law enforcement division in the state of New Jersey. For example:

  • Every Police Department in NJ
  • Every Sheriff Department in NJ
  • Every Correctional Facility in NJ
  • Every State Trooper Barrack in NJ
  • Every Federal Agency located in NJ
  • EVEN Law Enforcement from outside NJ like NY, Maryland etc… views this publication.

I created a full page ad in the free publication as well as full digital marketing and branding on their website . I came up with a complete value package proposition (An AWESOME, “Why Buy From Us”).  Basically the ad said “Show me your badge and we will…” But it wasn’t JUST for the officers… it was for EVERYONE at the police department including dispatch etc… And their spouses and their kids and… Do you get it? It was for EVERYONE. Sound familiar…?? There is ALWAYS a sale going on EVERYDAY at your dealership at EVERY dealership. Same concept, Perception is REALITY! We wanted EVERY single person reading NJ COPs Magazine and website to think and know that if they or ANYONE they knew wanted or needed ANYTHING automotive… Sales, Service, Parts, Finance, Special Finance, Body Shop, Aftermarket. There was NO OTHER PLACE OTHER than Sean V. Bradley and my Dealership!  

We literally signed up 22 different Police Departments in 1 week! And we sold a ton of cars! Let me explain further, when I say that we signed up 22 police departments in 1 week. That means that 22 different police departments as well as every one of their officers, employees, family and friends. Anytime anyone needed anything automotive they came to me and my dealership. We were our own Costco, BJs, Sam’s Club, AAA. We eventually moved beyond just law enforcement. We created a membership buying program for the military, teachers, firefighters and more.

What you need to do to start selling on a macro level versus a micro level is:

  • Understand the difference
  • Identify which “Macro” audience you want to target first. It might not be law enforcement or military. For example if you are highline and you are in Clear Lake Texas (Right next to NASA), you might want to target NASA…
  • Create a POWERFUL “Value Package Proposition” for your targeted Macro Audience.
  • Create a POWERFUL Marketing Campaign to fully engage your new audience
  • Get ready to sell a lot more cars!

If you have ANY questions about this article or if you would like me to help you identify what “Macro” opportunities you have in your area, please feel free to email or call me

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