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3 Ways to Increase January's Sales

Don’t get caught up in the post-holiday blues! You’re definitely not alone.


We all know that January can be a slow sales month for just about any business. It can be easy to get discouraged and anxious when you're not pacing to meet your monthly sales goal.


There are so many ways you can boost your sales without increasing your ad budget, and I’ll start off by saying that social media is going to be your best friend! Social media is a great way to start advertising organically and through word-of-mouth marketing.


Start Using Facebook Live - It's a great way to get engagement from your customer base. You can utilize Facebook Live by letting them know what kind of promotions you have running. Create urgency by telling them it's for a limited time only! This will get clients in the store or on your site to purchase from you. Additionally, you can spotlight clients when they're in store or on social to be able to reinforce the marketing message you're promoting.


Hold a Contest - There are so many great opportunities that any business can use. Let your customers know that the first 100 people in the store on a certain day will be entered to win agiftcard for some coffee. Or how about holding a small event in store where you serve coffee and donuts from the bakery next door? Tease this with them on social and use both companies. It's the little stuff that can add up!


Improve Your Customer Service - Listening to the needs and wants of your customers will allow you to provide them with better customer service techniques. When your customer has a good experience with your business, whether it be from a return or a purchase, they're more likely to recommend you to their circle of friends. Then, take that next step and push a referral discount! 10% off if I refer someone to you? Sure! I can look at your inventory.

So, what are you going to do to drive traffic this month? Comment below!

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Are You Going Extinct?

This industry will go extinct in 10 years. Can you guess which industry I'm talking about?

Students right now are so excited to graduate and get involved in this field, but they’re having trouble getting a job. Why? The jobs in this industry are few and far between. 

It’s such an exciting and fast-paced environment for millennials to join into. It’s something that we’re actually excited about. It’s given us the opportunity to grow and flourish in our industry and it will continue to do so. The key to this industry’s success is user-generated content.

But what is it?

Watch this week’s Think Tank Tuesday to find out.

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