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Time - LA Williams

This time on our glorious planet is the most exciting time in history. We are going to see and experience the impossible becoming possible in every field of human endeavor and on every subject. As we let go of all thoughts of limitation, know that we are unlimited. We will experience the limitless magnificence of humankind, expressed through sport, health, art, technology, science, and every single field of creation.

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Recipe for Life - LA Williams

Assume there are no universal mistakes. Life with a capital "L" has given you all the ingredients you need to bake a perfect cake. It comes pre-loaded with all the supplies necessary for you to create a masterpiece or a pile of trash that your dog won't even eat. The deciding factor - the art and the artist...YOU. Make a conscious decision about what you will do with what you have been given. Make your life a masterpiece and share it with the world.

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Quote of the Day

Choosing to have a positive attitude is one of the most important things you can do for yourself each day. I realize that some days it is easier said than done. If we make a conscious choice each day, several times a day if necessary, it will have an impact on every interaction we have. Our attitude can influence the attitudes and experience of others. Likewise, be aware that other peoples' attitudes can influence you. Try to surround yourself with positive people. Negative people can bring your spirit down. Positive people help lift your spirit and encourage you to be better than you ever dreamed. Below is the full quote by Charles Swindoll. Please share this and take it to heart.

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