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Spanish Language PPC

Pay-per-click advertising, such as AdWords and Bing, is a popular way to bring qualified traffic to a website. Spanish speaking customers are one market segment that is widely ignored on these platforms. Spanish Language PPC is a concept that can bring great potential clients to an automotive dealer's website.

In America, most PPC defaults to English when Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords are set up. However, many fail to utilize the language targeting options to enable Spanish Language PPC. In most cases, a separate campaign can be formed that concentrates on creating advertising geared towards the ever-growing Spanish-speaking population in America.

One way to help ensure success with Spanish Language PPC is to have someone that speaks Español build out the Ads and Keywords, or help in doing so. Conversational (and successful) Spanish language marketing is a bit different from what sites like Google Translate and Babelfish can generate. Getting an authentic speaker of the language is a must for dealerships looking to tap into the under-served Spanish speaking market.

In conclusion, Spanish speakers represent a large market segment that buys vehicles and therefore should not be ignored. What are you all doing to tap into the Spanish-speaking community and bring those customers back to your websites?

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