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Todd Dearborn, Vice President of Cars Direct, will be presenting the very best practices in working with the Subprime consumer. Special Finance is a growing portion of every dealers business and we're going to talk to you about lenders, inventory, and the best ways to maximize your potential when it comes to the digital consumer who is credit challenged. You can learn from Todd and many other industry experts at the Internet Sales 20 Group 10 in Philadelphia, PA on July 10-12!

To sign up, visit or call (267) 319-6776!

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Vendor of the Month-January 2015

I am proud to announce January's Vendor of the Month award winner, Todd Dearborn at  The site is the basis for 130 different websites, providing content to consumers.  They were able to create an automotive community that is second to none. This was done through holding the consumer’s hand all the way through the car buying process.

Since its founding in 1998, no one else has been able to do what has done for consumers and dealerships to the caliber to which they’ve done it. What started just as a site for consumers to utilize for research and pricing has become a resource for dealerships as well. The site allows dealerships to be put right in front of the consumer through internet branding. This allows dealerships to target their audience for the vehicle they are trying to move.

With 110+ million visitors a month, their goal is no longer SEO (search engine optimization) because they have the exposure. Their focus is the experience for site users. is constantly up to date with trends, such as the rise in mobile. They are consistently updating their site to benefit users, by doing things like making sure it is easy to access their site via mobile.

Through their basic principle of selling cars more often and more profitably, they are able to focus on the needs of consumers and dealerships. All of the provided reasons and genuine care for dealerships and consumers are why they are second to none in the automotive community and why they are Vendor of the Month. Learn more about the Vice President of in the interview below.

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