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Is Your Website Doing This?

What’s your website doing while you’re not looking?

This week on Think Tank Tuesday, I reveal the steps you should be taking to increase conversion and traffic on your landing pages, and it’s more than just a "Thank You" page. After watching this episode of Think Tank Tuesday, your website will be successful in no time!




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Why You Need a Personalized Homepage

Not every dealership and buying experience is the same, so why should you settle for a homepage that is exactly like the rest? Having one that stands above the rest helps to ensure your name, brand, and business stand above the rest.

Reason number one: dealerships are everywhere. This means their websites are everywhere as well. You need to give customers something they will remember and bring them back to you when they are ready to purchase. If you are sticking with your run of the mill website provider because “it’s good enough” or because “it’s just a website”, then you’re missing out on leads and customers.

Create eye catching web panels with outstanding offers to drive customers to view your inventory. Doing more than only using web panels found on your brand manufacturer website helps create a sense of urgency for your customers. It will also make you memorable.

Many of our clients have opted to incorporate a video into the header of their homepage in addition to their web panels. I know what you’re thinking: it sounds kind of busy. Wrong. This gives you the opportunity to further showcase your inventory and your dealership.

Reason number two: what makes you stand above the rest? Why should customers buy from you instead of the guy down the road? Show your customers why you’re better and why they should only come to you.

Showcasing your inventory front and center will certainly propel you ahead of the crowd. Whether you do this by utilizing a featured inventory scrolling feed or by using a quick inventory search tool, implementing features that make browsing inventory easier and quicker for your customers creates a lasting memory for them.

You shouldn’t have to settle for a website that is exactly like the rest. A plain white background with blue letters, given to you by the company you essentially settled for isn’t going to give you a big enough push ahead of the rest. Why? Because this is all they offer any of their clients.  

 We understand you have to make sure your brand is showcased front and center, but that doesn’t mean you should blend in with the same manufacturer dealership down the road. Your dealership identity is just as important.

These are only a few reasons from our list. If you feel like you’re missing out, we should talk

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