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Social Media: Demographic, Twitter, and ZMOT

A few weeks ago, I came across a study titled: "Social Media Data Stacks" sponsored by the folks over at Hubspot. Now, as a social media analyst, I thought it was worth taking a look at, since social media is always changing and evolving. Instead of boring you with each detail and statistic, I just want to touch on the few that caught my eye and how these stats can you help form and enhance your social media strategy. 

1) Females 18-34 are most active on social networking sites

This is marketing 101. You need to know your demographic. Who's navigating the social media universe? Well, according to this study, women are more active on Facebook, twitter. Not so much Google+, though. Regardless, if you've been posting content mostly directed towards men, then it's time to rethink your strategy. Now, this does not mean throw your entire strategy in the trash and start posting whatever appeals to women. Not exactly. It's a balance act. If you continue to ignore such a large demographic, chances are your social media efforts are going to fail. 

2) 29% of social media users seek purchase advice

This boils down to ZMOT. To the T. People have such an inventory of feedback and reviews today, it's almost comical. Before calling a dealership, people are GOING ONLINE to research a vehicle. This doesn't only include hitting up Google reviews or sites like Edmunds and MotorTrend. No, this entails logging into their social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) and asking their friends and followers for advice/help. 

"Hey guys, currently looking to replace my beat up car, can anybody recommend a fuel efficient sedan?"

Comments: "Can't go wrong with a Toyota Yaris" "Toyota? Buy American!" And, so forth. 

29%. You have to take into account this study was only for one month. People are going on social media and asking for purchase advice much, much more. So, this is where you come in. You need to be IN the conversation. You need to engage. Sounds simple enough, but the bottom line is: You need to be social. 

3) 50% Twitter users discuss TV Shows

This is where social plays a huge part as well. If you see a few tweets in your timeline discussing last night's episode of Glee or CSI, you're not going to tweet back "I missed it last night, but you know what you're missing? A brand new Ford Focus!!" No, that's just ridiculous. You join the conversation, you engage with them. They'll remember you trust me. 

Other Statistics that Interested Me:

-9 out of 10 parents seek friends, family

-7 out of 10 parents seek "LOLs"

-People are spending 53.5 billion minutes per month on Facebook

Overall, when it comes to developing and implementing a social media strategy, you must do the research. There's no getting around it. (Side note: I write fiction in my spare time. I'm not going to try to write about a secret spy without doing any research on espionage, now am I?) Anyway, once you know your demographic, you can start implementing your strategy and targeting your specific demographic. In the end, we must not forget to always keep one word in mind: SOCIAL! 

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