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My Yelp review on Dealer Synergy and Sean V. Bradley



Day 4 of my on-site training  from Dealer Synergy. What can I say? When I first saw Sean V. Bradley on the websites, Automotive Internet Sales, YouTube etc. I was in awe, shocked, overwhelmed and a bit..scared. Who is this young guy, fronting like he's all that and then some. Millionaire mogul, motivational speaker, music industry entrepreneur, and he owns so many businesses, on covers of magazines, internationally renown speaker and member of NSA and Covey trained..Omggg too many to name!
But when I actually met him, and over the two days that he was here, I realized that he is every bit of everything I read and saw of him online.. BUT, he is knowledgeable, kind, HUMBLE and sooo passionate about ALL aspects of his life, and he doesn't look down on anyone! He motivates, teaches and encourages you to do your best! I was in awe to meet and shake the hand of a millionaire, but now I'm in even more awe because he is so humble, and willing to help anyone achieve their dreams and be the best they can be.
I pretty much have the same background as him and I felt an enormous amount of relief, when he spoke about himself, his background, where he has been, how he became what he is now, gave me hope that I too can achieve my dreams. He has inspired me so much in the short time he was here with us. I just needed someone to guide me. He said something profound, that made me pause, well he said many things, but two things that got me was: he doesn't compromise, he comes to a agreement with whomever, so everyone can have a win-win situation, one doesn't have to feel like they lost a little to agree with one another, and he also said, there was a reason I was guided to come here to RC Lacy, because if I didn't accept this job. I wouldn't have ever met Sean  and I wouldn't have ever been motivated.
I have been feeling lost, drowning, but I feel like Sean is my buoy and if I follow him and his advice, I believe I can achieve everything I ever wanted..and more! I know he came to us to teach us about the automotive business and how to be a better BD Agent, but I feel like whatever he taught us, It can be utilized in life, and I will use it in my life! I hope I get a chance to attend another one of his workshop.
If you are feeling low, and feel like life has nothing more to offer or you think you have done everything possible in life and you still cant achieve anything, I beg you, go to one of Sean V. Bradley's seminars, and I can guarantee you 100% you will come away feeling motivated and KNOWING and DOING everything to achieve everything you always wanted. GUARENTEED!
Thank you Sean...

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