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Report: Top Sites Visited by Women When Buying A Car, the leading dealer ratings and review site for Women buyers, conducts ongoing research through our Women’s Satisfaction Index (WSI®) report to provide dealers with important insights into buying habits of women. asks women to complete an optional 25 question survey about their dealership experience after completing a dealer review. An amazing ninety-two percent of women complete this extensive survey primarily to share their experience with other women! There are separate sections and questions asked for Shopping, Purchasing and Service. The survey also asks women to list the sites they visited during their shopping experience.

Listed below are the top sites women visited from our most recent 3,200 surveys.

1. Dealership (41.27%)
2. Manufacturer (39.75%)
3. KBB (39.62%)
4. Consumer Reports (22.23%)
5. AutoTrader (21.34%)
6. Edmunds (20.38%)
7. (18.85%)
8. Carfax (15.29%)
9. Craigslist (7.64%)
10. JD Power (6.05%)
11. (4.71%)
12. Autobytel (2.29%)
Total adds up to greater than 100% as women can leave multiple responses.

Obviously it is important to understand the research habits of women because they account for over 50% of auto sales and are involved in at least 80% of the purchase decisions. Additionally, research shows that sixty-five percent of all customers taking their vehicles in for service are women. That's a lot of buying power!

The data mining available in the WSI® Dealer Insight report offers actual behaviors and experiences of women who have written reviews at dealerships. The analytics and findings of the monthly reports provide critical information to improve personal sales interaction with women, resulting in better conversion rates and sales. Imagine if you could increase your sales to women just 5% by understanding their buying habits. That’s an additional two-million dollars in sales based on the average 2013 sales by dealership of $41.3 million.

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