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  • Michele, I am sorry for any inconvenience. Chris is right, we are doing a COMPLETE re-design on the #IS20G website. So we will have it up very shortly. We have just been promoting the Super Early Bird Specials. The event isn't until September but we are putting together an amazing line-up already! 

  • Michele! You're totally right! We're working on a huge re-haul to our IS20G Website... no fear, our web designer, is working around the clock to get this gem up and running! We've got some great things in-store for you, I'll let you know personally when the site is up and running, until then, you can keep an eye on our twitter, and facebook for the latest updates! 

  • I'm excited to attend but I am also very surprised to see that you don't have any updated information on your website about this event.  All the information I see is still about the last training in Atlantic City.  It's funny because in the car business, old news on our website is a no no!!  Can you let me know when you will have details about the whereabouts of the training in Boston?  thanks.

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