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  • Brooke, I am so excited for you!! You are going to be so successful! 

  • I made my three minute book a few days ago, and am going to try and keep those things in my mind at all times.  I can't wait to see better things coming my way, and have my "wants" become reality.  It's great to see this working for people.  The twenty minute video of "The Secret" helped reinforce the importance of looking at the three minute book every day to keep focused on what I am trying to achieve. 


  • How awesome that all three of her "wants" actually happened. Very inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  • I think that is amazing to see that when you stay focused, that you can change your life. Can't wait to make one for myself!  Thank you for sharing this with us.


  • I agree Melissa... the Secret changed my way of thinking and my way of life! 

  • It's really cool to see that the 3 minute book helped Edith set big goals for herself, and reach them. It's a system that can work for anything you want, career or personal life.

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