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Are You Really Providing Tax Services For Your Customers?

I was speaking with one of my dealers recently and we were talking about how so many people are waiting to receive their tax returns before they buy a vehicle. I said, "You know what would be cool? (In a Joking Matter) If some company like H&R Block or some other company could just set up their services right in the dealership and when someone says they're waiting to get their return we can say, no need to wait, you can get them done right here!" The dealer then said to me, that's exactly what we're doing! I was like WHAT????? So they went on to say that there is a tax service that is specifically set up to help dealers maximize the "Tax Return" objection. I thought this was an AWESOME idea! This may not be a fit for your store but if it is and it can help I wish you the best results possible! 

Here is the website if you're interested. View Website Here! 

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