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  • Gone should be the day when a Dealership takes an internet lead from cradle to grave.

  • Sean, 

    Yes as discovered years ago, your metric is spot on for the role of an appointment setter combined with 'taking' incoming phone calls... We realized at a very large volume Ford store with your metric and diligent follow up via processes, a 50% show on appointments set, 50% write up to a 50% sale result month in an month out.

  • Awesome presentation!

    I had been preaching that to my guys that want as many leads as possible to get the short term sale and not doing long term follow up.

    I have one "overworked" Internet Sales Rep that was taking 120 fresh leads per month, selling 25-30 units a month and another taking 40 selling 12 - 15 units per month

     I felt that we were losing business even though that one eRep was Selling 20-30 units per month. It became more clerking/ cherry picking instead of selling.

    I hired 2 more eReps and took his lead count down to 70 and he is still selling the 20 - 30 units! And have 2 more new eReps selling 10 - 12


  • Excellent presentation and information, Sean.  It bodes the question: "What if?" What if dealership leaders embrace the 'loyalty factor' between their business persons and every possible customer?  Imagining and taking the necessary quality-first actions on the 'cause' of every relationship always produces the best customer-driven business! 

  • Great topic.

    At any one time we are working 350 leads a month with carryover and new leads. 

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