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CarWoo! is an online new-car buying service and marketplace. Buyers come to CarWoo!, state which car they are looking for and CarWoo!’s network of over 5000 dealers compete to sell the buyer the car.

Technically the product is an semi-anonymous (first name, last initial, zip code) engagement tool. The buyer’s personal contact information (address, phone number, email) are kept private until the buyer accepts an offer from the dealer they want to buy the car from. This helps the consumer avoid spam emails and unwanted phone calls that are common when people buy new cars using “Request a Quote” processes many other online sites use.

CarWoo! has two plans for car buyers. CarWoo! Basic, a $19 plan, offers buyers a search for a vehicle and guarantees 2-3 dealers will compete. CarWoo! Plus, a $49 plan, offers buyers a search for a vehicle and guarantees 5 dealers will compete, but is not capped and as many as 15 dealers have participated in many deals. Both plans offer the buyer privacy protection and CarWoo!’s 100% Happiness Guarantee.

For car dealers, CarWoo! offers the highest quality online car buyers to the dealer for no charge. Dealers are offered the opportunity to engage with car buyers in an online setting that is social and non-threatening to the car buyer. A dealer that uses CarWoo! has an online dashboard where they can engage with all car buyers near them, make them firm offers on cars they have for sale and see how their offer’s stack up competitively against dealer’s vying for the buyers business.

Read more… This is one of my clients in Iowa!!! They came up with a BRILLIANT idea... They created a website "Buy Your Ford" (dot com) and it was a site dedicated to DRIVING Traffic!!! **They used this as an "X" Plan site... But, the perception was that this is a site that could get you ALL of those "SECRET", "HIDDEN", "AWESOME" Deals, savings "HOLDBACK" etc... Then they created this TV Commercial... it drove HUNDREDS of people to the dealership OVER the WEEKEND! As a matter of fact the TV commercial and Website ( did so well it UPSET ALL of the Local dealers around my client and FORD stepped in and made them shut down the site BECAUSE it had "Ford" in the URL... So my dealer just created - It is the SAME concept just without the "OEM" Branding...
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