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Quote of the Day

Too often people are held back because of their fear. For some, it is a fear of failure. For others, it is fear of the unknown. Everyone struggles with different fears in all aspects of their lives. Don't let fear control the direction of your life. If you are an Internet Coordinator who is afraid of saying the wrong thing to set an appointment, you probably aren't setting as many appointments as you could. Embrace the tools you have been given. Learn your scripts and learn from the trainers & successful coordinators at your disposal. We have all been there in one way or another. 

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"Fear" is afraid of everything because Fear can only see itself in everything.  Fear fails to account for many of the things that are really taking place in the form of circumstances.  These "road blocks" will always present themselves, but they do not have to represent an end in the road.  When you climb one hill or mountain, I promise there will always be a bigger hill or mountain waiting!  How you attack each climb will ultimately define you.  Equally, how you runaway  will also define you.


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