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Tune in tomorrow to Sirius XM, channel 141 at 4pm Eastern. CEO of Dealer Synergy, Sean V. Bradley CSP, is being interviewed by a legend, Dr. Willie Jolley on SiriusXM!! He has the #1 Success and Motivation channel on the entire SiriusXM platform!! SiriusXM has over 23 Million Subscribers! Topics include Sean's Googleopoly Book! Tune into the interview and order your copy of "Win The Game of Googleopoly"today!

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Pre-order CEO of Dealer Synergy, Sean V. Bradley CSP.'s Googleopoly book. SEO rules are constantly changing. If you are not on page one of Google than you might as well be invisible. Learn how to increase your page views, dominate search engines, implement a social media strategy, create content that ranks higher and more. Check out the promo below for the book and make sure you give yourself or someone else you know the gift of success this holiday season!

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Happy Holidays!
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