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Do NOT miss the #IS20G10 in Philadelphia!

Internet Director Sandra Dellolio submitted a Word Track to enter into the "King of The Ring" Contest in Philadelphia, July 10-12, 2017.

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Conquering the Battle for Millennial Buyers - Internet Sales 20 Group 10 - Philadelphia, PA

Doug Vansach will be speaking at this year's Internet Sales 20 Group 10

Doug Vansach, Vice President of Analytics and Data Services at Autoloop, will discuss how to conquer the battle for millennial buyers. Millennials represent the biggest threat and the biggest opportunity to an auto dealer’s business. They are the least loyal generation and the hardest group to attract during the buying process. Based on AutoLoop’s analysis of over 1M leads and a survey of 60K unsold prospects, this presentation will uncover new insights about the vehicle purchasing process of Millennials and will enable dealers to gain a competitive advantage that win over this finicky group. We will review specific strategies and technologies that dealers are using today to attract Millennials, from advertising to store visits to trade-ins. Dealers who attend this session will be armed with a better understanding of Millennials to increase their lead conversion rates and drive higher repurchase rates than their competitors.

To sign up, visit or call (267) 319-6776!

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