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  • If you are a salesperson that works internet leads you still need to do these things. this is a relationship business. Once you build value in yourself it is easier to build value in your product and in your dealership.

    If people are not answering the phone or responding to your emails? Here are some simple things to get people to respond to your emails and answer your phone calls.

    #1 a. Send them a Greeting video that introduces you, put a face to the name. Make yourself stand out.

    #1 b. Let them know you will be calling them.

    #2 Always follow up a phone call with a email. So lets say you just got off the phone with a lead, you should email a basic overview of the phone call then tell them what to do next. If you left a message, you should follow up with a email headline: I just left you a Message or something like this. In every email you send you should have a clear call to action in it. (What to do next)

    #3 Be sure to answer/address all the questions in the inbound lead. If you want people to answer when you call, You have to be someone they want to talk to.

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