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  • Thank you for sharing Jack!
  • My Father who was a car veteran from the 80's and 90's taught me one thing when someone says no... what they are really saying is you haven't given me the right or enough information to say yes. 

  • Just what I needed - I can definitely fall into this rut and find myself guilty as described if I'm not careful.

  • I'm glad it helped Nancy!

  • Wow this one really hit it on the nail Joe! Couple of no's will eventually lead to a yes. And it's true, if you think oh no I'm not getting anyone it gets you down, but if you think, hey, this hour was a no, but next hour.. definitely a yes will happen, and it usually does!


  • Right On!

  • Very True! After a rejection it's ... "and on to the next one!"

  • LOL! Thank you Sean! I'm learning from the best!!!!!

  • Another GREAT Video Joe… and I LOVE the Smile :) 

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