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If you wanted to build a new dealership, how would you do it? Would you just grab a bunch of nails, screws, wood and material and start? Would you just wake up one day and say, "Today's the day" and go to the home depot and start buying the materials? Would you search the Internet and figure out how to do it yourself? In truth, you know as well as I, that there are a ton of steps needed to make a new building project become reality. However, I want to focus on a very important step that is needed to ensure the final product turn out correctly and that step is the creation of, "The Blueprint!"

A Blueprint is defined as a detailed outline or plan of action. It is the model to follow in order to reproduce the final product. Anything created is created 2 times. The first creation is in one's mind, as a thought and imagination. The second creation is when it is a living reality as a finished product. The blueprint is the bridge that connects the idea to the final product. The blueprint contains the steps, the plans, the map, the processes, the details, the model and the directions to cause what is not yet to become into a living reality. 

So as a dealer, as a sale professional, What is your blueprint for your position? The builder of a building can only build according to what the blueprint says. If the blueprint is a small house, the final product will be a small house. If you expect a large house and the blueprint is only for a small house, you will be very disappointed because the blueprint determines the final product.

You see many times in this industry we become upset at the end of the month when we fall short of hitting our bonuses and different commission levels but if we would be honest with ourselves, we would see that what we accomplished is directly a result of the blueprint we had for that month. A detailed blueprint takes time, takes work and takes discipline to follow, but the reward far outweighs the work. Your expectations will be more likely satisfied when you create the blueprint rather then allowing the blueprint to take shape by itself due to the default of no plan, no process, no steps and no actions being recorded. When nothing is done then you really have nothing to aim for. When you have nothing to aim for and you blindly shoot into the future month with no target in site, you may or may not hit something. You may have good results but with a blueprint you could've had GREAT results! You may have no results but with a blueprint you could've have GOOD results! 

Put together a blueprint for this up coming month. Write out the details, set the goals and put together an action plan on how to build that house! If the blueprint builds a 30 car month, then what steps, processes, actions and plans need to be implemented to build this 30 car house? How many phone calls, emails and pro-active prospecting actions need to be taken to achieve this? Create the blueprint and you will create the outcome that lines up with it. 

Remember that your house is the result of your blueprints! In order to change the results you need to first change the blueprints! Happy Selling!

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