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The Car Colour Trends on the Rise for 2021

The Car Colour Trends on the Rise for 2021

If there’s one thing we can be sure of even in times filled with uncertainties, it’s that people will never stop trying to find the perfect colour for their car. This year has been tough on all of us, and it’s certainly affected our lives to a greater degree than we’re even aware of, so we can’t help but wonder what kind of changes we will experience in 2021. Concerning car colours, some professionals predict they will be much more colourful and refreshing than anything we’ve seen before. Keep the wheel steady, and let’s drive through some of the most interesting facts about car colour trends for the next year.

What have we seen so far this year?

Everything slowed down significantly this year, but white, black, and grey cars have not lost any steam. You probably wonder what attracts us all to these colours and why do we tend to buy everything, not just cars, in these simple, even plain, colours. Some experts say that we connect those hues with technology and that we’re just fascinated by it. Also, they accentuate the edgy design of luxury sports vehicles, and who in the world doesn’t like that? However, this year has made some space for changes and innovation that we maybe didn’t anticipate.

It’s not just about colour, pay attention to textures as well

Together with new colours, different textures will also make their entrance onto this stage and bring something new that car enthusiasts will enjoy considering. Some companies are working on improving false fluorescence and colour travel on their vehicles as well, which can give them a completely new look. However, to make that fresh look last, you can protect your car with some DIY ceramic coating products. Your car will be grateful for the attention it’s getting, and the colour will remain as dazzling as it is.


Painting it in rainbow colours 

Influenced by a US company’s music player of the 2000s, the trend of simple colour and design has continued all throughout 2010s. That’s why this new decade is bound to add some more colour and chromatic hues to our lives, especially after the stress and uneasiness that the pandemic has caused. We will probably see more and more cars painted in red, orange and blue hues, according to some researchers. To make colouring even more unique and personal, Elon Musk revealed his new favourite car colour to be deep crimson. This is a good sign that 2021 will give us novelties and new dynamics when it comes to car colouring.

Why will we turn to these colours?

If years could be assigned a colour, this one would most likely get a dark one, like grey or black, something mournful and depressing. With hopes of finding our way out of those kinds of situations, we usually turn to something cheerful and ecstatic. This is why designers predict that new vehicles will be painted in colours that project a positive mood. If we turn to colour theory, we can see that, for example, red symbolizes strength and power, and in some cultures, it’s the colour of happiness and wellbeing.


How do people predict something like this?

It’s not just a social framework that researchers take into account when making such predictions, but also colour popularity and industry developments, as well as other factors like urbanization and digitalization shifts. They also pay attention to the industry and development of e-cars and new technologies. Besides that, thinking about colours that were popular in the past can help designers make predictions with a stronger assertion. This year proved to be quite challenging in many areas, thus making predictions of any kind has never been this difficult, as everything has to adjust to these rapid changes that occur on an everyday basis.


All in all, 2021 will bring a lot of innovation to our lives, and we should be ready to accept and embrace them, no matter how different they might be compared to what we’re used to. Younger generations will continue to have their say in setting new trends, but they’ll also always respect individuality and uniqueness. New technologies will certainly open new possibilities when it comes to finding the right fit for your taste.

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