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Top Employee Motivators and Demotivators

Here are a list of Dr. Bob Nelson's Top Employee Motivators and Demotivators.

The Top Ten Employee Motivators

#1 Personally thank employees for doing a good job--one on one, in writing, or both.  Do it timely, often and sincerely.

#2 Be willing to take the time to meet with and listen to employees--as much as they need or want.

#3 Provide specific feedback about performance of the person, the department and the organization.

#4 Strive to create a work environment that is open, trusting and fun.  Encourage new ideas and initiative.

#5 Provide information on how the company makes and loses money, upcoming products and strategies for competing in the marketplace, and how the person fits into the overall plan.

#6 Involve employees in decisions, especially as those decisions affect them.

#7 Provide employees with a sense of ownership in their work and the work environment.

#8 Recognize, reward and promote people based on their performance; deal with low and marginal performers so that they improve or leave.

#9 Give people a chance to grow and learn new skills; show them how you can help them meet their goals within the context of meeting the organization's goals.  Create a partnership with each employee.

#10 Celebrate successes--of the company, of the department and of individuals in it. Take time for team- and morale-building meetings and activities.


The Top Ten Employee Demotivators

#1 Organizational Politics - An environment in which the competition for power, influence, resources and promotions is based on subjective or hidden criteria.

#2 Unclear Expectations - Employees need to understand what to expect from a recognition program. What are their roles and responsibilities?

#3 Unnecessary Rules - Keep programs simple. Too many rules mean too much bureaucracy.

#4 Poorly Designed Work - Poorly engineered work gets in the way of satisfying internal and external customers and frustrates employees.

#5 Unproductive Meetings - Employees often leave meetings exhausted, battered and bored.

#6 Internal Competition -The healthiest organizations compete against their competition, not against themselves.

#7 Lack of Follow Up - Promise only what can be delivered. Deliver on all promises.

#8 Constant Change - Changing the rules of the game is demotivating. If they do change, make them better – adding new opportunities. If change is necessary or the bar needs to be raised, consult with your employees.

#9 Dishonesty - Employees hate being lied to

#10 Hypocrisy - Do not say one thing and then do another. Be consistent.

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