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  • One does not even need to be an attorney to read and understand your excellent find/extraction of this fool's Gold.

  • So Jim, why would you sign the agreement with a clause like this????????????????????????

    Apparently All Dealer subscribers have/did.....................

  • Oh how unfortunate it is that Dealers' overall do not have/pay astute Contract attorneys to provide this 'protection'. May not be as much protection as most contract attorney's do not realize when that language is utilized in the contract with 3rd party providers 'what' USE of the inventory implies.........

  • As a Dealer, if ATC and the others have a clause that is acknowledged by the 'Dealer' as being permissible to utilize as they see 'fit', then it is NOT then the Dealer's property. Dealer should have that retracted as  'permissible'.  Ignorance is now not being 'ignored'?

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