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At the recent Internet Sales 20 Group in Philly I had the opportunity to meet with Subi Fernando, the Internet Director for Basil Resale Centers. I have to say that I was VERY impressed with how much on point she was with Automotive Internet Sales and was equally impresses of her use of Joomla! For her organization's MAIN WEBSITE! The site is NOT perfect, there is room for a lot of opportunity, a lot of growth but the site isn't bad at all and the best part is that they own it themselves! They utilize a FREE platform called Joomla! (which is an open source CMS). I have seen a Lot of companies use Joomla! for focus / micro sites but rarely have seen it used as their primary site. The fact that they pay $26 dollars a month for the site is AWESOME!! Plus, they have NO CONTRACTS... They do it all in house. I am Not saying that this is for everybody... For the record, I DO NOT mow my own lawn lol! But, I do want dealers to know that there are OTHER viable options than what they might already know about. I like the idea for a progressive dealership (or dealer group) to take control of their OWN Multi Million Dollar Department and RUN with it... If they have the skills and resources to do so.

So, Kudos to Subi and to Basil Resale Centers!!! For more information on Joomla! or Basil Resale Centers... Contact Subi, she is a member of AIS.

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