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Just had Anthony Alagona come in and do 5 day of intense training.  Both Sean and Anthony were the best.  Got great help with scrips, inbound, outbound, special finance, price, availability you name it they had it.  Also got a lot of help with the motivation.  Thanks for Sean and Anthony I pulled a book out of closet that I got years ago and never gave much thought to.  The Secret.  I'm deep into it now and just within the last couple of days have experience a change in my attitude.  This is all thanks to DealerSynergy. 

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Dealer Principal of Perruzzi Toyota, Bill Finocchiaro and a 5 year Dealer Synergy client is interviewed by Automotive Internet Sales about his Internet Department & Dealership
Bill Finocchiaro is the Dealer Principal of Peruzzi Toyota and a 5 year Dealer Synergy client!
Dealer Synergy is proud to share in the success of Bill & Peruzzi Toyota... from 15 units a month online to now OVER 100+ units ONLINE and 84% of their dealership's leads come from ONLINE!!!!

Congrats and Thank You Bill!
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