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If there is one training event that Dealers, General Managers, and Internet and BDC Directors need to attend this year, it's the Internet Director Development Workshop at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott in Newark, NJ on May 16 & 17! This intimate, 2-day Dealer Synergy-accredited course will immerse you in the world of Internet Sales & help you make more money for yourself and your business!

The Internet Director Development Workshop is designed to help strengthen and evolve every single facet of your Internet Department and teach you how to maximize your sales! While Day 1 covers all of the fundamentals of a powerful Internet Department, Day 2 dives deep into live-action training and full Internet Department audits, which will identify your weak points and show you how to turn them into your strongest assets!

This is a must-see event, so sign up now at or call 856-546-2440!

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