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One-on-One with LA

Did my first "One-on-One" phone training with LA Williams today and it's safe to say I'm hooked! It was nice to be the focus and have all of my questions/concerns answered without any distractions. I've always enjoyed LA's technique because it sounds so genuine yet effortless. His ability to connect with customers, people he's never even met before, blows my mind. Thanks for the motivation LA, I really appreciate it!

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Dick Edwards E-Commerce Dept!!

Now that we have a full month under our belt with our new E-Commerce Dept I wanted to give everyone a update on how great things are going!!  We have been meeting expectations and what's even better we have exceeded the expectations that the owner had for our dept.  I truly must say that the Dealer Synergy 10 step process works.  Now, I know that you're asking yourself "J.R. how can you verify that the process really does work?"  Well great question and guess what I have a answer for you; not only do we have the numbers to prove that the process works but even better we have mystery shopped the competition here in Kansas and I'll be the first to say that 99% failed with flying colors!! 

The SWOT analysis that we have conducted proves as follows:

  • the automotive internet sales in our market doesn't have trained phone ninjas
  • the opportunity for us to steal business from competitors is open
  • 99% of the stores that we mystery shopped had NO PROCESS in place for inbound and outbound phone calls
  • we truly can say that we don't forsee any threats from other dealers (but we'll continue to train just in case)
  • our strengths are not only do we have the best automotive brands but we will continue to be trained phone ninjas AND we have a process in place

We're really excited about what the future holds for us here at Dick Edwarsd Auto and we fully plan on maximizing every opportunity that is presented to us.   

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Ladies and gentlemen we started our new E-Commerce dept less than two weeks ago and on behalf of Dick Edwards Auto we are a witness that the Dealer Snergy process works!!! We put 15 units on the board and the goal based on the amount of leads we'll have in August we're projecting 30 units or better for the month of August!! If your store hasn't got a board with Dealer Synergy you're missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Most vendors just talk the talk but Dealer Synergy produces verified results.
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