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I had a GM and an Internet Director from a Dealer Group in Kansas fly out to meet with my at my office for some "pre training"... I also had the President of Peruzzi Toyota at my office. It turned into an awesome "Synergy Session".

Listen to what the President of Peruzzi Toyota has to say about incremental business and I love they way he breaks down the numbers from Internet ?Phone and Floor Traffic!

Automotive Internet Sales with Sean V. Bradley, A Dealer Principal, A GM & An Internet Director

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A great question was asked just over 24 hours ago, and I would like some of our "phone ninjas" to give opinions on how they address the issue of "price" without giving a price...? As we know, we can create value in ourselves, and our dealership value package to make price not the most important thing in the whole mix if we have other things to offer to ensure it's the BEST DEAL! 


We also know that most customer won't be leaving the dealership with the exact vehicle that they originally inquired about, so chances are details about pricing, options, color, etc...are going to change a few times before our customer's buying process is over.  Having said that...


Please join the group and post any feedback/comments in the Group Discussion, and be sure to look at which other groups listed interest you!  Happy Selling!! (and New Year!)


Andy Fedo

VP of Training


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